What is the Greatest Sports Movie of all Time?????????

I'm going to say Slap Shot..............it was rude, profane, sexual, funny as hell...........and everybody was from Canada except for the one american........Water boy was pretty good to.............or a League of There Own

Wow that's a tough question basically cause there is so many I like including:

Slap shot
Remember the Titans
The Hustler
Colour of Money
Friday Night Lights
Sea Biscuit
Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
Raging Bull
Million Dollar Baby
Gladiator (the boxing movie)
Happy Gilmore
Jerry McGuire

But if I had to choose one I'd say Rocky.

SLAP SHOOT!!! and it's sequel: Slap Shoot 2: Breaking the Ice and Le Chiefs was good as well.

best football movie ever?: Either Friday Night Lights or Any Given Sunday.

What, roughy.....no "Hoosiers"?? :smiley:

i vote friday night lights for the crappiest sports movie, THEY DIDN'T EVEN WIN IN THE END!!! IT SUCKED HARD!!!

Happy Gilmore!

That Curling movie- Canadian one- Men with Brooms or whatever it was called!!!

  • The Natural
  • A league of their own
  • North Dallas 40

That is my top four!

I would have to pick three movies that I enjoy watching whenever I can,

  1. Field of Dreams - any time you can make a baseball movie and people actually like it then I think it is a keeper
  2. Hoosiers - Gene Hackman did a great job as a coach. Based on a true story. Not very many sports movies better then this ..
  3. Rudy - once again based on a true story. A movie about college football. Shows the tradition and passion of Notre Dame and college football..

Any given Sunday
Slap shot..
The Longest Yard
Friday night Lights..
Great movies.....for humping the bus, to the next hockey game...

My favorite movie of all time is a toss up between the original longest yard and slap shot. I think i will have to say longest yard because it reflects my life the most being a correction officer and playing semipro football. And yes i have asked if there could be a game guards versus inmates and i get laughed at everytime. We do have a baseball game versus the inmates. I think the older sports movie were ten times better than the crap Hollywood is putting out.
Top of the list

  1. Longest yard(original)
  2. Slap shot
  3. 3 games to glory 1,2,3(It's the patriots dvd they put out after winning the Super Bowl)

Must see
3. The program(Everyone remembers Lattimer putting his head through the window, "starting defense, place at the table")
4. Any given Sunday
5. Youngblood
6. Remember the Titans
7. Miracle
8. Major League
9. The longest yard remake(not a bad remake of the original)
10. Playmakers ( i know its not amovie but it was a good series til the NFL put an end to it.
11. Hoosiers (i hate basketball, but this one is good)
12. Rudy
13. The Rocky Series
14. Field of Dreams

Don't bother
Major League 2, 3
slap shot 2
Mighty Ducks 1,2,3
The replacements
Unecessary Roughness(Sinbad in a movie)
Varsity Blues
Blue Chip

Wow, after looking at this list i need to get a life.

Hey Peter In high school on of my buddies wen up to his own car and did a fake lattimer Just tapping his head on the window. His best friend then ran up behind him, and did it for real (The forst guy was starting MLB, the second RB) It was one of the funniest things I have seen. It was a real crappy chevette.
I am also proud to say that I am one of the people that actually got to see the program before they cut out the scene where they lay in the highway. I still can’t believe people are stupid enough to emulate things like that.

Another semi sports movie is The Sandlot. great flick

Favorite sports movie would be a toss up between slap shot and probably The program

I never got to see the hgwy scene, wish i had. We were playing a trivia game at my house and my friend asked a question of who fought in a war, and all i could remeber is Alvin Mack telling his tutor Detriot and Buffalo, and a night of trivia turned into a night of watching The Program.

I also did the Lattimer scene, but unfortunately i wound up with my first of many concussions.

Caddyshack was epic.

Bill Murray was unreal as was Chevy Chase


but mate, that’s very true to life. I love the fact that the other all black team that faced them kepped the score up by going for the 2 point convert every time (like he Action Point)!!! Made me very proud!

so what were the movies that featured the CFL??? can someone list those???

and has there ever been a movie about Paul Henderson’s goal?

Hoosiers was a superb movie, love the scenery and subtle music in the background. Rocky was good as well, very well written. The Hustler was a good movie, found that they set a depressing mood to the movie, not a negative comment. Remember the Titans was pretty good, most modern movies are crap so this actually is one of the best compared to modern films.

Kanga i doubt there has been any films about the CFL. The closest to the CFL was the series playmakers which was taped in Toronto.

Kanga i got a response from B2networks about the CFL and they told me they wouldn’t use the CFL because its already broadcasted in Canada and the U.S. I was Hoping they would do what the AHL does and show the games across the internet. I still haven’t heard back from OLN.

dang it! idoits!!!! but the CFL was working on showing games online, I saw a news article about it a few mouths ago.

(1) Slap Shot......(Have it on VHS as well)
(2) Caddyshack (Chevy Chase and Bill Murray.....Too funny!)
The rest

One movie that I liked that no one has mentioned is The Replacements.
That is a good and funny football movie, eventhough it does have Keanu Reves (sorry about the spelling) in it.

But my all time fav. has to be Remember The Titans.