What is the grade for Toronto's Revamped O line

Toronto seeing that the O line could not measure up to the BC Lions, who are the measuring stick for all teams looking to win the Grey cup, Changes were made. Highly tauted out of College Tony Wahington was a small school NCAA All American in 2009 out of DII Abiline Christian. Some personal issues as a teenager and needing to get up to speed for the pro game the NFL took a pass. He spent the last few seasons honing is game in the Arena league, spent some time with Cagary last year spent the spring in the Arena league to finish off his pro training and after being on the Argos Practice Roster for about a month he got his shot moving vet Wayne smith th LG and inserting sask starter in 2011 parenteau at RG.
Ray seemed to have more time and the line was mentioned to get stronger as the game went on. Chad Kackert was also able to gain big chunks of yardage while eating the clock in the 4th qtr behind the new Look O Line.

What is evreyones opinion on the new O Line and do you think that they have addessed the problems with a young hard working Import instead of a retread player from another team or do they still need another player to upgrade the line?

What are everyones thoughts?

Washington was an upgrade at LT. This O-Line will hopefully get better the longer they play together.

I thought so. A small school all american had great NFL combine but the NFL shyed away and he worked his way through the arena league and has big Time ability a astint with Calgary in 2011 and back to the arena in the spring 2012.
I like that the Argos went and got the young talent and have groomed him a bit on the practice roster and could be a mainstay at LT for the Argos for a few years as there plan for an all Canadian O Line may turn into a more popular 4 of 5 NI's on the O Line as there are a bunch of Canadian O lineman coming from not just the NCAA anymore but also the CIS.
Canadian Receivers have also really began to hit another level and Toronto has converted Andre Durie from RB to slot back and has become one of those receivers. Cory Watson in Winnipeg is as good as any import receiver as well as gore in BC who will eventually rise to the top in a very talent reeiving corp. Shawmad Chambers may be the best of all to go along with Coehern in Edmonton if they could only get a QB to throw them the ball

Reinders, near-NFL talent, on the O-line with Washington, NFL-talent, on the blindside at LT? :o

I wonder why Calgary let Washington go? :roll: After he seemed to have been missing for months in the offseason and perhaps was just hiding with BigFoot, welcome back Joel!

Things are looking up now on offence but then there are also the following for Toronto to fix:

  1. Passing Game
    Ray's leadership is missing along with most of his receivers. Compare him in demeanour and conduct to Calvillo, and it's not even close. When Calvillo loses a key receiver, he just rolls on. When one of Ray's guys let him down, he just sulks with them.

Inman sure made a huge move up in the last game, for you won't get far in the CFL when your top receivers are Owens and Durie though they would be fine guys for the corps in Toronto for second and third in any order.

Other defences are salivating at the prospect of shutting down the Argos' passing game. Basically you can just match up your best cover guy on Inman, throw Owens off his routes with also jams at the line, and just contain Durie to shorter throws and routes.

  1. Seven of the Back 8 On Defence
    There is a serious lack of discipline beyond the front four on Toronto's defence as goes beyond all the flags. At this point I am questioning also the coaching on defence. All of the back eight guys except Patrick Watkins are just flailing around all the time and not playing team defence. One of the commentators mentioned that Watkins was the top tackler for the Argos as if to applaud him and the defence, but definitely it is not a good thing when your top tackler is a cornerback!

With Washington and now reinard the Argos suddenly have some young talented Bookends at OT.Washington may have been let go due to his legal issues the same that shyed NFL teams away but a full season in Arena football in the spring of 2012 and he is ready after spending a month on the Practice roster learning the offense he has been solid of Rays blind side.
Joel Reinard has also just been signed the former basketball player turned RT at Waterloo was swept up by the browns as a rookie free agent in 2010 before the Canadian draft where he was ranked 11th. Toronto selected him in the 4th round knowing they would have to wait or never get him. He is now hear after spending camp with the Giants and like Washinton is in top football shape with three years of NFL training under his belt. Will likley spend time on the Practice roster while he learns the offense before they Unleash the 6’8" basketball player on CFL D Lines. His basletball translate nicely as big men in basketball have good footwork.
Ken Yon Rambo says he is ready the Argos say a few more weeks we will see how it goes as he has been at every argo practice seen every game and is well aware of the Red Zone issues in which he would love to fix. Say good bye to barnes who has been a let down so far. NI Spencer Watt has also been a week spot and with Matt Black and Boulay both very capable starters at safety Younger has the ability to move to HB and the ratio would be even again enabling both Muarice Mann and Rambo to start in place of Import barnes and Non import Watt