What is the future...

Kevin Glen was born in 1979
Quinton Porter was born in 1982

Guess what everyone that’s only a 3 year difference. Is there really that much point in sitting your better QB and losing games because if everything works out perfectly Porter will be around for 3 more years after Glen’s done. We know what were going to get in Glen he is a proven winner and the best QB we have on the team right now. Start the guy, and not just for one game play him until you think Porter is better and can actually lead an offense.

Really! I didn't know that. Three years difference... I read somewhere on one of these posts that it takes four to five years to develop a good QB. So that means Porter is going to around 31-32 before he's really good. Hmmm. So then do we have anybody younger that we can teach?

What about Beutjure of the future, maybe old Beutj could come back.

Ahhh humour… love it. :smiley: Just like when my buddy asked me if I had a Lite. I answered just a minute Bud. :cowboy: