What is the expected attendance for Sunday?

That's not possible. CFL sets its schedule in Feb. NHL playoff matchups aren't set until April, let alone when the actual games are set to be played.

By well-planned, I mean the can foresee to some degree which teams will not be in the playoffs come late May. In 2023, for instance, we'd be pretty safe to schedule loads of home games in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal.

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we also had a situation where Blue Bombers and Jets were playing on the same day.

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By well-planned, I mean the can foresee to some degree which teams will not be in the playoffs come late May. In 2023, for instance, we'd be pretty safe to schedule loads of home games in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal

BTW, Vancouver played in the second round of the NHL playoffs, Montreal was in the the Stanley cup finals

That was then. This is now.

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Not only that but against the Leafs. Along with the Habs, one of the two biggest visiting team draws in Winnipeg. I’ll watch Bombers over Jets any day but I think I am the exception in this town.

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The premise is to plan the CFL around the foreseeable NHL teams who will deeper into the playoffs. Correct?

"That was then, this is now"

OK, make your list of Canadian NHL teams will be out of the playoffs, and which teams go further in 2021/2022 to facilitate the scheduling of CFL games.

Today's casual NHL fan isn't as concerned if there's Canadian teams in the playoffs or not.

Today's hockey fan might be more inclined to follow the stars
(Hockey pools, fantasy).

The playoffs still draw significant viewers which, in turn, attract advertisers.

Last week's numbers kind of add to that.

Right now I would echo Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. Ask me again in February before the CFL schedule is made and I’ll know more. Also Toronto only has to be counted on for being in one round of the playoffs when scheduling.

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NHL playoffs that don't involve Canadian teams do not get particularly great numbers in Canada. I'd have no worries putting CFL games up against any games involving two US NHL teams.

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The CFL schedule makers should be doing so for 2022 over the next several weeks. Of course, December NHL standings are no guarantee about which teams will still be playing in May and June, but it can provide a decent guideline.

If Canadian teams are still playing, we can be pretty sure their games are going to be scheduled for Saturday night HNIC broadcasts. Focus on Friday nights and maybe Sat/Sun afternoons for the early part of the season.

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Too many variables. Not big on a league scheduling around the NHL playoffs.

The NFL's schedule is consistent.

The CFL has scheduled around the NFL for years and I don't see it any earlier than where it is.

I, like yourself, won't necessarily have an issue if they do somewhere down the line do take the plunge.

The only way to go is up.

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I guess I`m an exception also 1

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Lets just say, Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal and one from Alberta. Make the playoffs.

Without knowing what position in the playoffs, 1st - 8th you still have no clue when the gams will be scheduled.
Could be Two Canadian teams both with CFL teams, Winnipeg vs Calgary, becomes quite difficult to plan around that.
Could be one team with a CFL team and an American team. Still need to work with the other teams available schedule.

So often people think it should be reasonable to schedule without conflict,
Many cities have two or more major sports teams. Now work around concerts, curling, auto racing, golf, circus, ice capades, Olympics, soccer, XFL World Junior's home/boat shows.....and on and on. All these events happen in all the cities. Just too difficult to reasonable avoid conflict.

You want bet that Montreal makes the playoffs?

CFL or NHL?.......

Lol, NHL.

In the last ten regular seasons, there are usually two Canadian teams still playing. In three years, there were zero Canadian teams still playing. In one year, there were three Canadian teams still playing in May. In five of those years, there were no Canadian teams playing past May 15. Only once (2011) was a team still playing in June.

To me, that doesn't seem like something the CFL has to fear much in terms of scheduling.


Absolutely not, scheduling is done by a computer program, each team blocks out ney-ney days, press enter.
They get several game formats, pass the best 3 to the clubs, work it out front there, at least that's how some years ago, back in Cal Murphy's time, he usually got so Peed off, he like Thursday's during summer.

Computers today can calculate for several variables. Even without plugging in variables related to which Canadian NHL teams are likely to not make the playoffs, those that do make the playoffs offer such little overlap with would-be May CFL dates, that it's not worth worrying too much about.

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They gave little overlap with the NHL and NFL by staring in June around the Stanley Cup and NBA finals and having only 3 Sundays in November for the CFL playoffs.

Leave the schedule where it is.