What is the expected attendance for Sunday?

What is the expected attendance for Sunday?

The other day it was reported that the Bombers had sold just over 20,000, basically their season ticket base. The Bombers don’t usually release ticket sale numbers unless they are selling out. Normally that info comes from the media if it is available. I didn’t hear any updates today but perhaps someone else has? I think they will be lucky to get the 24,000 that Sask had last week. One thing for sure is that the weather won’t be encouraging many casual fans to attend, especially with the Leafs in town to play the Jets right after the game. I realize the game is unavoidably late this year because of Covid, but if this game was held in the second or third week of October every year in 10 degree plus weather I think 30,000 would be a lock. Just sayin’

I looked at the grid and it appeared as though a ton of seats had been sold, that's why. I was wondering. Was hoping to hear 40 based on what I was looking at unless they close off multiple sections. One can hope.

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I hope you are right. It’s certainly possible. I read some posts recently about Ticketmaster’s trickery so I hope it is not that. They normally don’t close off any sections.

Exactly. Season starts last weekend of May, 2 bye's per team instead of 3, and Grey Cup is last Sunday in October. It adds to the Mickeymouseness of this league when the finishing push to the playoffs, and the playoff's themselves, are played to half empty stadiums.


The Bombers announced today over 30,000 sold


What is the expected attendance for Sunday?

Will look good having much of the stadium filled. Still hoping for a return league wide to when 50K was not un heard of .


World Series against the Grey Cup and the NFL?

Would it attract advisers?

Only so much to go around.

Green Bay can get 80000 in November but Winnipeg can't get 30000 for an afternoon game in December?

Should check the TV ratings for games in October.

Not 1.05 million that's for shore.

CFL was below average that week about 71 k. In a perfect world you would want to go the week before the world series is played. CFL goes against NFL regardless of when Grey Cup would be played.

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If there was a proven track record of tv numbers during that time then you might have an argument.

Football is and has been a Fall based sport for years.

Going from a May to October will be a hinderence in attracting talent.

Imagine drafting a player before the NFL draft only to see that needed player taken by an NFL team.

June to November/December works as the NFL cuts are made available to make that all important run to the Grey Cup.

How fair would that be , and most of you out believe in fairness, when you as player worked your into a staring line only to have your spot taken by ,now who would be defined as ,a rental player.

Sorry but the May to October season is not realistic.

My guess right now is .....

30 k for the west final .

22.5 k for the east final .


Lower TV ratings in October is a valid concern. We'll never know if they are lower because the weather is better ie people spending more time outside etc, if it's watching baseball or if it's lack of interesting match ups. Right now you wouldn't make the move because it needs further study.

I went back and checked last Toronto home playoff final in 2017 with the Riders and they had just under 25 k .

Like to see them reach close to that number again .

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Grasping at straws here with the attracting talent angle. The CFL would be perfectly able to run a season from May to October. I'm not convinced that May games would draw any better than the November games they'd be replacing, but I'm fairly certain the late-season and playoff games would draw better than they do now.

Having said that, I think the league could also increase late-season and playoff gates with better marketing rather than moving the season up.

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Unfortunately there are too many unknowns. How much money did Saskatchewan make on average in October vs November? The league is fairly secretive about revenue so it's probably best to leave it in their hands. There might be less attending in November but the playoff tickets to games might cost more etc. People might drink more in November to stay warm. The issue is also complicated because Toronto drew flies all season and the playoff game is selling well.

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Late season games are always plagued with meaningless games .
This year
Ottawa , BC out of it .

Winnipeg way on top with two games meaningless .

One third of the teams are done in a 9 team league so the last couple of weeks for some teams are playing it out almost exhibition game like .

The end of the regular season has to include that variable plus in many cases they are playing outdoors at night late in the season which really makes no sense to me unless they are domed .

At least play the fall schedule differently with more afternoon games in late September and all of October leading up to the playoffs .


Excellent points.

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Going up against the Stanley Cup playoffs is worse than going up against the NFL in my opinion.

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And yet some people want to go to 20 game schedule. This will just increase the number of meaningless games as the teams have more chance to spread apart in the standings.

It's the same thing in Formula 1. They used to have a 16 or 17 race calendar. Now they have 21-22 races per year and they have to do gimmicks like awarding late races double points to keep them meaningful because certain drivers/teams clinch so early.

Or even in hockey, all the games between Xmas and March are actually referred to as the 'dog days' of games marked with significantly less intensity because there are too many games.

It could definitely be a challenge. But in late May and June, there's not much chance that more than one Canadian NHL team will be active, if that. In October and November, they are all active . . . though of course not in playoff mode, which grabs more attention.

Well-planned scheduling should be able to avoid conflicts between NHL playoff games and CFL games in the same market.

And to be clear, I don't necessarily advocate for an earlier start, but I wouldn't be vehemently opposed to it either. I think poor marketing is much more to blame for the league's late October and November attendance issues than is scheduling/weather.

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