What is the Esks record since Eric Tillman became G.M.?

The Eskimos have gone on a tear since G.M. Tillman took over. What is their record since then?
Stablity and a calm hand does wonders i guess.

Tremendous misconception that the Esks success comes entirely from ET. In fact, it's borderline foolish.

Fact: The firing of Danny Maciocia, while initially rocking the boat, served to stabilize things weeks before the whole ET flap began. Once things settled down and Maciocia was not there to meddle there was greater focus and work on rebuilding began in earnest. Even a few players thought of as 'Maciocia's Moles' or who weren't fitting with the team were cast aside. The team started to believe that things could get accomplished.
Credit to ET = 0

Fact: Before ET was hired the Esks jettisoned their OLine coach and brought in Tim Prinsen. Since that move the OLine has stabilized to the point that Strassers game plans have started to work and the Esks QBs have been able to perform.
Credit to ET = 0

Fact: While Dan Kepley is one of the most beloved Esk heroes, the change to Mark Nelson has seen the Esks LBs playing with greater success. Nelson was brought in before ET came on board.
Credit to ET = 0

Fact: With Maciocia gone, the OC and DC were far more free to work with the players without intervention. Coning with that was a new confidence seen in the players themselves.
Credit to ET = 0

Those things are really what turned the Esks season around. What ET has brought to the game are suitable injury replacements - Bates, C Armstrong, Armstead, Joseph (can't include Afif because he was in the EE TC this year so no connection to ET).Bringing in replacements for the stretch run is nothing to sneeze at, but that certainly is not the same as suggesting those moves created "stability and calm".

mac…the Esks are 4-2 since Tillman took over

Methinks PRJack doesn't much like the new boss?

Not so much that. More a case of ensuring that credit is given where it is due. Several members of the media in Edm are already under fire for heaping undue and/or unearned praise onto ET. Take the signing of Daniel Porter for example. All ET did on that was the paperwork. DP was 100% a result of the Esks scouts doing their jobs.

With a team that was in as much of a mess as the Esks were it's important to understand all of the things that were done as part of the calming and stability that was mentioned. All I wanted to do was to counter any thought that ET was the sole reason for the Esks' turnaround and to demonstrate that the turnaround started before ET arrived. Therefore while the Esks record is what it is since ET arrived, the two aren't inextricably intertwined.

As for what I think of ET... I still think he needs to demonstrate some honest community outreach. This isn't about the past and what happened or who did this/said that. This is about making good on the comment ET himself made about being thankful for the Esks' organization to give him a second chance. Furthermore, the fanbase, community and team partners are still uneasy with ETs past and it would only be rational for the team and ET to make some positive moves if only to galvanize their customers, partners and the community in general.

More to the point, ET is only just now starting to 'do things' for the team (as I mentioned re: injury replacements). The bulk of his work will be done in the off season. Once that comes to pass THEN I'll be able to better comment on what I think of him as a GM.

I think the fact that all the players know what ET can do put a LOT of confidence back into them and gave them something to look forward to, like a cup next year or the year after.

Fair enough.

I'm not arguing with your point here, but I'd like to add something of my own. I think that Tillman's biggest contribution to date has been psychological. I think the players may have seen Tillman's hire as:
A) The BOG wants a proven winner here, and that means we as players should perform better to support that, and
B) Tillman isn't known for keeping "dead wood" around, so we as players should perform better to keep our jobs.

I also think that Tillman (or any other GM, for that matter) would be a fool to arrive mid-season and start flinging change at everyone around like a chimp at a zoo. So the lack of big moves early on was not only prudent, but also gave team members a chance to prove themselves to the new boss without fearing for their jobs every instant. (Not saying they feared before, just that a new boss often means massive layoffs to make room for new staff. This isn't just a football phenomenon.) I think Tillman does deserve credit, but in more of an indirect way, and certainly not all of the credit.

You are right, Jack, in that football is a team game. Office, coaching, players, equipment guys, and fans all play a very important role, and giving all the credit to one does a disservice to the rest. The bulk of the credit, though, should go to the players over all the other supporting components.

They are, after all, the ones who actually go out and win the games.

This has nothing to do with Tillman. Look at the streak coloumn of this page and you will see that the teams that have clinched are all playing poorly, the teams fighting for a home game or playoff spot (fighting for survival) are all on win streaks and the Bombers who were eliminated a few weeks ago have given up.

Teams playing with desperation like Edmonton are playing their best football right now.


Jack…i understand your reluctance towards Tillman. You’ve been pretty consistent on this point.
What type of honest community outreach should Tillman do that would satisfy you in this regard?

As laughable as it is, if the Esks end up having any success the rest of this season, Maciocca gets nearly all the credit. This is still "his" team. Adding Armstrong and Armstead does not make this "Tillman's team".

Porter was scouted and signed by Esks' Assistant GM Paul Jones according to the Edmonton paper BTW.

True enough. I think that the firing of Maciocia really hit the players in the ways you said (underlined)... if DM could be axed, then anyone could. There was unquestionably a lot of malaise within the EE when Maciocia continued his fiddling. With him gone the combination of Fear (for their jobs) and hope (that they could turn things around) certainly inspired the players. But I'll still say that that ball was already rolling before ET came along. In fact, I'd wager that pretty much the same result (to a point) would have happened regardless of who came on as GM. It's that 'new boss smell' so to speak! :wink:

And to build on what you said, I'd offer that some of the 'indirect' impact has been the way ET has gone about business (not over-meddling like DM did) which has allowed for a consistency of thought and focus. I'm sure that even though they're playing for their jobs there's far less 'looking over their shoulder' now.

While some would say it should be linked in some way to the situation he was in, I'm not so sure about that. In fact, it would likely be better to do something that doesn't call attention to the past. What it does have to be is very honest and very real, not just lip-service.

I posed just such a question to ET via one of the Edm sports talkshow hosts. ET's response was, I'm sorry to admit, far less than comforting. In short, all ET said was that it was up to the Esks and that he had no plans to do anything. So, he says he's so grateful for the second chance, but he's not willing to commit to the community and to truly re-build his image. That's exactly the kind of 'say one thing, do another' situation that many feared would come from ET.

As for what kinds of things... Pick a cause and get behind it.
Lead some of the players in several Habitat for Humanity or KaBoom Playground builds.
Spearhead a 'breakfasts for kids' campaign to get food to kids who go to school without eating in the morning.
Meals on Wheels. Salvation Army. etc etc etc.

DOING something is the key to ET not just rising above that past situation, but to elevating and bettering himself in general.
Doing nothing will only continue to perpetrate the misgivings and suspicion.
That's why it's as much up to him (if not moreso) than just leaving it to the Esks to dictate.

Any type of community stuff that ET does, will be scrutinized ad nauseum, and there will be criticism of anything the does... some groups/individuals may not even want him to be there.. quite naturally , there will be reluctance on his part, and can you really blame him? Yes, he is the GM, but the smartest thing he can do right now is focus just on football, and keep a low profile.

Thanks jack. Those are very concrete ideas.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I like this a lot. A whole lot.

One aside, though, is maybe to pass on the playground builds or anything to do with kids for just a little while. They're great charities, but I could see that one backfiring from a PR standpoint. (Maybe a shelter for abused women would work...it would be fitting, considering the nature of his controversy, but might be a safer option than a kids' thing.)

Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank, homeless shelters...these are all good

Hopefully ET reads this and responds. Even if it doesn't end up helping him, it still helps others :slight_smile:

ET is in a no win situation with regards to community service... if he doesn't do anything, he will be criticsized.. on the flip side, if he does do something, then people will say that there must be some angle for him to spin it to his advantage. I would say that he must choose very carefully... the critics will be out in force no matter what he does... once you stick your head above the crowd, Mr. Tillman, watch out for flying rocks...

If he does nothing the albatross around his neck stays firmly in place.
If he tries to do something positive he at least looks like he's trying to be the better man.

Now you tell me... in which case would the critics you refer to look foolish.
Yup, thought so.

I guess that the critics do not matter here.
If I take PR Jacks point accurately Tillman should be involved in a honest approach to community involvement not a show case to ward off critics.
most solid citizens do something. Is it enough for tillman to contribute something meaningful?
If it never made the news but if you found out if he donated $50,000 to the Boyle Street agencies would that be satisfying?
Or does it need to be public?

what is honest here? what if you found out he’s done this already? or does it have to be public?
and if its just done for public then is it honest? can you ever forgive him?

To be honest, and this may just be me… I don’t care what he does as long as he puts a winning product on the field. If he wants to work in the community, great, but I’m not going to demand that he do this or that.

I actually like Flag’s point.

You missed my point entirely.. even if he does what is bolded.. he will be criticsized for it.. no escaping that, and wether or not the critics look foolish depends on your opinion of the man.