What is the difference!!!

What is the difference between Saskargo and the Saskatchewan Roughriders?
Saskargo is going to the Grey Cup this year.
Yes that is right.I am going to the Grey Cup!!
I hope my Argos are there.
Should be a blast.
Got free tickets from the in-laws.They won't be able to make it!!!

Have a great time Saskargo!!! how are you? and hows the baby?

Thanks K.K.
Everything is fine.
I will be wearing my Argo jersey at the game.
So if you see a knocked up Argo chick say hi. I wear #12!!!
Yes Smith is my favorite!!!!
Look out B.C. Saskargo will be there!!!!

It'll be easy to spot you then. Not too many people would wear an Argos jersey at a BC vs. Mtl game...

Heck it would be easy to point me out when it is going to be Edmonton-Argo Grey Cup.
There will be 2 argo fans there.The fritos guy and me.

I was just going threw the fanzone on this forum.
You can get your picture with the Grey Cup.
The funny thing is .There will be no stops in Saskatchewan.
Just like the end of the year!!!

saskargo if I see you there I will definetly come up and say Hi. Are u tall short, pregnant obviously, but are you showing?? You know what I'll be wearing, you have made fun of it in earlier posts. why I don't know but you have.

Hey Mr.Hypocrite aren't you suppose to ignore my posts?

No one can ignore a lovely and fierily women just you for lone, Saskargo.

Hey, Maybe I'll see you in Toronto (or Calgary, I don't know where you live) in 2010?!? you never know.

I went back and dug up what I said.

I told one person to ignore you. I never said that I have to ignore your posts.
Call me a hypocrite all you want, buit on this one I was actually trying to be nice. At the game I would have bought you a hotdog or something (since a drink is obviously out of the question). more so because I am curious what you would be like in real life. If you talk in 4 word sentences, or if thats just how you type. you know all that jazz. [mock] (sorry just couldn't resist) [/mock]

I'd like to meet you too, Billy, if we didn't have so much bad blood. I'm definly going to see Saskatoon in 2010.


Yes good ole Billy still trying to figure out what he says.
So Billy if you are never wrong why in the world would need to prove it all the time. Yes please in the future ignore my posts I would apreciate it! If Rider fans were rated and 10 being a very bad fan guess where you would be I let you guess. Saskargo you are correct have fun at the game you probably won't see rider fans there they will be jumping off the wagon and in need of attention

This post is for rated 7 and higher only. So Billy you need to read this post!

ok thanks redwhite. Actually if you went to a grey cup you would see many many rider fans there. For the most part they are probably the most common of the non Grey cup attendiing teams, and if they are actually in the cup they way out number any other fans other then the host. This is from experience. Call me a bad fan all you want redwhite. I support my team through thick and thin, have had season tickets that I have paid for since I was 18, and then had tickets before that that my old man paid for, did I mention that I have never lived in Regina. I also have been to the last 4 grey cups straight, and am going to BC in Novemeber for the 5th straight and 7th total. Did I mention I am only 24. I really don't know why I am even responding to you (probably might have to do with the fact I can't stand you and that I have had a few tonight)
redwhite I have never once said I am always right. I am sorry if you only read half of a post and then respond, (need an example check the petrie story thread). Call me a 10/10 for a bad fan. But if I am a bad fan then I can't even imagine what you are. All I do is stick up for my team. I have rarely put down other teams, and if I have It has been done with merit and proof. You come on here and say Riders this Riders that. Why don't you worry about the stamps, and leave the Riders to their own devices.
the guy that really can't stand you

Billy did I rate you at a 10 wow I did not think you were that bad. I do give you credit for knowledge did I not. Take it easy you should not be so hard on yourself. aBove looks like a resume I am not interested in your life story quite frankly. I am glad you stick up for your team that gives you another point Billy a 10 I think not. About disliking me hey that is fine with me again I do not force you to read my posts in future with the way you are I would advise against this. Sometimes Billy people have a different opinion just like you an I have why is it your opinion is better then anyone elses. If you read through the threads I have agreed with you in some of your posts. Just because I am negative in some of my posts versus the riders you have called me that see a lap dog, a joke and who knows what else. I have never called you anything but a tree hugger ( oh I have not use that one yet). You need to get drunk more often Billy life is to short to go off like you do. This is a forum people will disagree with you and your team. At age 24 you should be starting to act like a 24 year old. But again I will give you your excuse of have one too many. I do not dislike you Billy I just sometimes do not agree with you. I am sure several Rider fans do not like what I have said about their team but that is what forums are for. Open discussion and sometimes these things happen. Roughfan should be your example, JM02, Riderfantic etc. Because I agree with Saskargo on a few of her posts does that entitle you to call peopel names. In the future Billy if you can not play with the Big Dogs don't get off the porch! Your favorite lapdog!

I don't know if you were using sarcasm or not, but the grey Cup goes to every town in the Purolator Tackle Hunger event. It was in Saskatchewan September 18th.

Saskargo as a child


Some things never chage! :wink: I wish I had that dark demanding voice.

j/k I love you Saskargo! (as a friend, that is)

You think I would want to meet you?
I could care less who you are.
Just enjoy the Argos winning the cup!!!!
You are right.Rider fans do go to grey cup games.
I remember seeing lots at here in Edmonton in 1997.
Did I ever laugh at every rider fan I came across at the game.

I hate being left out in the cold.

Kanga I was talking to Billy_soup.
I'm sorry if you took it he wrong way!!!