What Is The Difference Between Patriots And Stampeders


Somebody explain this.

How is it that the Patriots are able to dominate the regular season , win play-off games and Super Bowls year after year ?

While the Stampeders dominate year after year , yet fail to win Championships like the Patriots .

The Stampeders should be the Patriots of the CFL, but are not.

Reasons , theories, whatever.

Can anyone explain to me how the Patriots and the Stampeders ended up in the same sentence?

Patriots consistently are elite, focused - and demonstrate sustained success by winning MANY championships.

Stamps consistently choke in the big game while celebrating a regular season record that means nothing in December.

Why are they even being compared? It's an insult to the Patriots. Literally.

As of now the Stamps are more like the the Bills of the early 90's rather than the Patriots... though the Stamps would have to lose the next 2 GC games to compared fairly. The Bills were just overmatched in 3 of the four SB games they lost... just the first one on a missed FG were they even close.

Calm down dude.

No need for a heart attack.


Ok thanks, I’m better now. When I originally read the comparison question, it was so ridiculous that my NFL snack of a caesar and nachos almost came out my nose. It was painful. All good now.

Pats win big games, Stamps not so much.

Comparison done

I think everyone in this thread agrees, but the OP’s question is “why.” What are the Stamps lacking that could push them up to Patriot levels of success?

Last year at this time I might’ve said BLM. But I think he performed very well in this year’s Cup, with other aspects of the team letting them down this time.

So . . . coaching? depth? experience?

Dave Dickenson: Head coach, 2 years
Bill Belichick: A.H.C. or Head Coach, 26 years

(for argument's sake, Bill started his NFL head coaching career the same year Dave graduated from High School, so a bit of a head start)

Tom Brady, 36 playoff starts, 27-9 record
Bo Levi Mitchell, 8 playoff starts, 5-3 record

(for argument's sake, in Brady's second NFL year he won his first superbowl ring, BLM was 11 years old at that time)

...in other words there is no comparison, so I'm not sure what the OP's point is, apples to oranges...just because the stamps have been (recently) a consistent playoff team doesn't make them comparable to the patriots in any way or fashion...not sure any team, NFL or CFL, is capable of that...

and then there is SRR. from mid 60s to late 70s

"Saskatchewan had qualified for the playoffs for 15 consecutive seasons, tied for fourth-best in CFL history, and played in 11 consecutive Division Finals, which is a CFL record. "

and only 1 cup win during that time.


Thank you for the mature, adult and logical reply.

You do set very good examples.

every other team in both leagues would like to know the answer and if anyone here has it, they should be in charge of one of those teams.

Coaching. Talent. Depth. Experience. Leadership. Team before self. Focus. Vision. Desire. Less ego. Goal setting. Regular season wins mean 0. The differences could go on and on…

But ultimately:
Stamps have become happy with, and loudly proclaim a great regular season record.

Patriots think anything less than a SuperBowl win - is an abject failure.

There’s about a million bajillion miles between those two characteristics, thus why Stamps don’t even belong in the same sentence. No comparison at all.

...turn down the hyperbole knob there, just 'cause it goes to 11 doesn't mean it has to be set at 11

Not exaggerating. Patriots cannot be compared to Stampeders.
Thinking they can be - is a glaring indicator of the problem the Stamps have.

Patriots cannot be compared to any team in the CFL except maybe the Esks of old, or any other team that had a dynasty of championships going on.

...the comment was not towards the fact that the stamps and pats cannot be compared, I agree, they cannot...it was all the other stuff that I think you and I have had chats about, you know, stamp-hate and the like, as evidenced by your second line: "Thinking they can be (comparable to the pats) - is a glaring indicator of the problem the Stamps have"....see, the stamps didn't make the comparison, some guy that posts on an football forum did, but you somehow made up a statement that didn't happen...it's concerning....

Nobody said anything about hate. We are talking championship winning dynasty teams. Using the Stamps (or Riders or whomever) to compare directly to the Patriots is like comparing a Porsche to a go cart. Not comparable.

If anything should be concerning to the Stamps organization, it should be this:
‘Why do the Stamps think a regular season record is a major accomplishment to be celebrated?’

If the psychology of that road block is overcome, championships will happen.


How is it that Porsche #6 is able to dominate the regular season, win race after race and championships year after year ?

WhileGo-Cart #9dominates year after year, yet fails to win Championships likePorsche #6.

The posts within the above thread list many examples why

That’s just a nice way of saying we still sucked, lol. Which we did.

Ok, IconicSR,

I am calling you out.

Where or who from the Stamps ever stated they were " happy with regular season records " ?

Those players are devastated over the last 2 years. More so 2017 than 2016 with the way it ended.

To have the game won and it literally slips from their fingers ( fumble for td return ), is the second worst way to lose.

They worst way is to have 13 men on the field for the final play.

Yes, I went right there.

Now stop, just stop.