What is the CFL's deal with the military?

I have noticed an increased alliance with the CFL and the Canadian Armed Forces over the past 10 years or so. TSN includes features and mentions during telecasts (especially with Glen Suitor), there is a huge presence during Grey Cup week, fly overs, seats at games (i.e. McGill stadium) are sometimes filled with CAF personnel, veterans tributes in November, and now a large group of CFL players are over at military bases in Ukraine and France with Brodie Lawson and a huge social media presence (Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) #supportthetroops.

This post is not meant as criticism (obviously those defending our country deserve support and CFL players are giving up their time for this cause), nor do I want to engage in political debate, but really just curious as all this doesn't just happen by accident or coincidence (it doesn't happen in the NHL, for example), and I am a little too cynical to think this is strictly altruism (although I do believe it's a passion of Glen Suitor's). Does the CFL get sponsorship dollars for this? How much and from whom? The government of Canada? Who pays for all these players to fly overseas?


I'd say it started with all sports leagues after 2001. There is an increased consciousness of the roles of the military and rescue personnel. Don't think anyone is pushing this behind the scenes, just a show of respect by the various organizations. Ticats honour an armed services at the first TV timeout of the second quarter (I believe that's when it is) and the Jays usually honour someone before Sunday games.

Yeah, cornball Patriotism is hardly unique to the CFL.

Real hero’s > Fake hero’s… why not bring them on board.

Cost??? what does it cost to run a pro sport franchise, the cost for this seems trivial to me.

Service people can be fans too, so ignoring them seems counterproductive, and if a little added patriotic fervor helps draw more fans, so much the better.

There was some controversy last year when the media uncovered that the government was paying the NFL to showcase military service people at their games. There were some who called it propaganda, while others saw it as the government subsidizing the NFL because the amounts paid was outrageous and not simply the cost of a ticket for said service person.

I'm not sure that's what's happening here in Canada / CFL, but I highly doubt our military-hating Liberal government would fund a day out for our soldiers.

Our military was ignored by the public until our troops went over to war zones in Bosnia and Afghanistan.
The government does pay for things like CF-18 fypasts etc, it's part of the training budget. Our pilots do a lot of training, you need to fly X amount of hours to maintain your wings, and the aircraft have to fly.
Whether a pilot is flying around doing simulated bomb runs or flying past a football stadium in makes no difference.
We as taxpayers pay for the military and the government not only wants to show the public what taxpayers get but things like flypasts, honouring out troops is a good recruiting tool.
Before Bosnia/Afghanistan most people didn't know much about our military. Remember the highway of heroes? the public came out and lined overpasses on the 401 to honour our fallen. The public appearances gave the public the opportunity to honour the living troops


So you think that honouring our military people is "cornball Patriotism" ?? :thdn:

Great read here on the CFL players currently visiting troops in Ukraine:


The Leafs have been doing it for years with military service people as honoured guests in one of the private boxes. Luke Schenn was sort of the face of the program honouring military. It was called 'Luke's Troops'. That became 'Lupe's Troops' after Schenn got traded for Joffrey Lupul.

The last few years one home game a year they encourage their box holders and season ticket holders to give their tickets for that game to service members and hundreds of them do.

Fortunately there are till people that respect our military and the dirty jobs they do, so people here can freely disrespect them. And it drives the liberals nuts.

Oh, I am sure there are dozens of isolated examples of military support in the NHL. Many of the anthems in American NHL arenas are presented by the Color Guard. That's not what I meant.

I was referring to an actual sponsorship deal that I believe exits between the CFL and the Canadian Armed Forces that no one here seems to recognize. Yup, we're a small league. Money's tight. But we'll just send dozens of our players over to Kiev and then onto France because we're patriotic. :roll:

Again, I am not criticizing this at all. I'm just interested in knowing what this deal is. There must be a money trail somewhere. I recall during Grey Cup week a few years back there were a number of recruiting booths set up during GC festivities.

You raise valid points rwo.
Someone is paying for Suitor etal to do this stuff.

It's not a bad thing. But it is curious.

Exactly, because we are.

fyi.......Schenn was traded for James Van Riemsdyk not Lupul......

well, if things keep going like they seem to be.. we might have another Big war on our hands. stupid North Korea...

Russia is putting weapons on their eastern border and we all know TRUMP is just itching to declare war on them.

anyone who doesnt have a problem with this, cannot have a problem with Kaepernick taking a knee on the grounds that it is "politicising the sport". this does nothing but the same.
Just a friendly PR politicization and not a critical one.

How does a team recognizing the efforts of an individual who serves his/her country compare to someone who wants to make their own personal statement?