WHAT is the CFL GAME of this week and why?

I would say Montreal and the ARGOS,... [I am bised, play off implications,Allen or no Allen,how will Bishop play......ect.......?].....................but...........there are at least 3 others............?

Montreal-Toronto's gonna be a good tight, hard-fought game ... but I'm really interested in seeing Saskabush-Ottawa (I like the Gades, and I want to see if Saskabush loses 4 in a row, or if the Gades stumble).

Of course, I'm most excited about going to the Stamp's game vs BC ... should be a big crowd and a good game! :smiley:

Cmon its gotta be Hammer @ Peg, The Cellar Bowl, stick a fork in the loser of this one.

I'd Have To Go With Argos And Als, A Rematch Of Last Years East Final Except This Time It's The Argos Who Are Without Their Starting QB. Although This Week Has A Lot Of Pretty Evenly Matched Teams, Methinks There Will Be A Lot Of People Cursing In Their Next VGCC Post.

Besides the play offs .......and the end of the season.......I don't think that it gets any better than this week end.

Game of the week is without a doubt Ottawa/Saskatchewan. This game will make or brake the two clubs in my opinion. This could set the tone for everyone else too, if Ottawa wins this game we will have no choice but to admit that Ottawa is for real and Saskatchewan does indeed suck, giving great light to the Stampeders and maybe putting some concern with Montreal and TO fans that there is indeed a third team in the east. But if Sask wins in a blowout, and then into the bye week before the BC game at Taylor Field, there will be a new tone here out west.

In my opinion the Montreal/TO game doesn't mean much to anyone really besides Als or Argos fans for braggin rights. Both clubs will be first and second in their division at the end of the year regardless of this game. This game might be pivotal for home field advantage in the East Final, but again nothing too big for anyone else.

how about OTTAWA?

Calgary and B.C. by far will be the most entertaining

All of them should be close.

What about the Labour Day weekend?

bomber and ticat game will be most exciteing because none of the teams want to be the ........worst in the league

I'll go with Montreal at Toronto. The Als have to beat them if they want to have a good chance for the 1st place.

I think there's a relative importance to each game. I'd rank them in this order:

  1. Montreal @Toronto: First in importance, because an Argos win would pretty much means the end of the race for first place in the East, at least for Montreal (not that finishing 2nd keeps anyone from winning the GC, the Argos proved that last year). I would like to see the Mtl vs. Tor battle settled on October 22nd, when the race is in the last sprint. Beside, Montreal's strong outing last weak was a bit diluted by the fact Saskatchewan did nothing to stay in the game. I don't expect such gift from the Argos. So an Alouettes victory would pretty much means the Als got their groove back.

Newsflash on Allen: the papers quoted an Argos' spokesperson this morning who said Allen would definately be dressed for the game. The Argos should announce today whether he'll start or not, but he will be available for play if needed.

  1. Hamilton @Winnipeg: Important game, because for the loser, it means: Time to focus on next year. Last Chance Bowl.

  2. Saskatchewan @ Ottawa: The Renegades need that victory to stay in the race for first place. They play that game before the Mtl/Tor bout so they must assume Toronto wins and adds another 2 points in the standings. They can't get distanced this much. Beside, should Montreal win against Toronto, the Rens would be tied for first with a victory, but relegated to third rank with a loss. Big difference. As for Saskatchewan, they must assume Calgary could beat BC and get a firmer hold on third rank. They can't let them run away.

  3. BC @ Calgary: This will probably be the most intersting game in a "quality football" point of view, but I ranked it last this week because it has no immediate implication on the standings. It will be interesting to see if BC can stay perfect.

That's what I like about football, with only 18 games in the regular season, it is hard to pinpoint the "game of the week". Third_and_Tens analysis and logic makes sense to me, what do they say about relativity, put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.

…or have a pretty girl sit on you for $20 a minute…I see your point…

what about the bc Calgary game don't you want to see BC get there first loss of the season