What Is The Ceiling For CFL TV Numbers?

In 1996 the CFL was drawing about 160K per game on TV.
Since then the numbers have been growing like China's economy.
Many years there has been a double digit increase. If you go to Wiki and punch in "list of CFL seasons... you will see that from about 1999 on, there was substancial increases every year.
Coming into this season I believed that CFL ratings would stagnate or even decrese slightly.... Man was I ever wrong. Ratings are up 19%... and after this week the CFL will have an average viewership of over 400K for the season!!!
Don't forget.. as long as teams are not completely out of playoff contention, usually ratings are higher in the second half of the season.
Even if ratings flatlined and stayed right around 400K... that would be an increase of 150% in 12 years.
Where is the ceiling in all of this... I say somewhere around 500K.
Actually the number five could be a the CFL's magic number, as in .......500K viewership / 5 Million salary cap / 5 games a week (thus 10 teams in the league.
5 could also be significant beause of the 5 years Ted Rogers losses 5 million each year...basicly solidifing the Argos place in Toronto (who's metro population happens to be about 5 million people.)