What is the best stadium in the CFL from a TV perspective?

Here's the best stadiums from a TV perspective, at least from my couch:

  1. Sask....lots of energy, crazed fans, weather..sun or rain, all adds up to the best viewing experience on TV in the CFL.

2.Winnipeg...Great new stadium, lively crowd even as the Bombers get blasted weekly. Great model for how CFL stadiums should be done,translates well to TV.

  1. Calgary..while the stadium has seen better days, on TV it comes across quite well. Amped up fans, good crowds and the chance for some interesting weather.

  2. Edmonton...this stadium is way to big for the CFL, but the open air design and enthusiastic fans make it TV friendly. The new seats also help from a TV perspective.

  3. Montreal...great move to move to the a smaller stadium years ago. Nice seeing the campus in the background shots too, adds character. A bit too many lines on the field though because of its multi-uses, but that's a small quibble.

6.Hamilton...not really fair to judge as they are in transition. Guelph is a nice enough temporary fit. Fun to watch the downpour that first game. Oh, the checkered endzones are very cool!

  1. Toronto...A venue that is too big for the CFL...no matter how maped up the crowd it feels like a size 7 foot in a size 12 shoe. Comes across on TV.

  2. B.C. Maybe the best stadium in the CFL, but coldest TV experience...large venue, echo, quiet crowd. No good!

Lastly, I do think it's a shame there are no more grass fields in the CFL.

..I dunno, from my perspective all the stadiums come in at 60" 1080p HD...

Quiet crowd? Guess it's not properly mic'd as I can assure you it's not quiet in there.

I don't think there's much difference at all TV wise, although the stupid fireworks they blow up at SkyDome always make the picture smoky/hazy. Who cares about fireworks? Stop that!

As for my vote, Taylor Field. Reason: Just blatantly stuffing the ballot box. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Mtl
  3. Calgary
  4. Guelf

Not sure really all looks same on TV. Best crowd on the TV I agree is Regina and loudest.

I voted for Winnipeg. They're loud and the stadium is a beauty. I suppose Taylor Field is pretty loud and full, but it's a dump of a stadium, so Winnipeg wins in my mind.

Crowd noise on TV is always the same loudness. No matter how loud or quiet the crowd is, broadcast sound is always run through compression and raised to an even level.


those are my top 3.
I've never actually sat down and watched a Rider home game on TV, other than replays, which isn't really the same experience.

  1. Sask
  2. Winnipeg
  3. BC - the audio production doesn't do the crowd noise justice. After some games my ears are ringing its so loud.
  4. Montreal
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton
  7. Toronto
  8. Guelph

It was reported the IGF opener hit 106 decibels, which was supposed to be a record. Don't know if CFL record or Bomber, but I can tell you it was LOUD. The old stadium must have been close with regularity as well, with the aluminum benches that fans would pound it was deafening.
Not only are WPG/Sask fans loud though, but it's hard to find someone not wearing a jersey. These fans don't just sit in their seats checking out their investments in the Globe & Mail and eating peanuts, they are rabid. IMO this is what puts WPG/Sask in another category compared to the rest of the league.

I wish they told the decibel reading more often...I find it an interesting stat.
In the 2007 West Final in Regina I recall that it hit 108dB, but here is the crazy part...that was at center field....during coin toss!

I did a quick google, and found this:

[url=http://www.riderfans.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-108564.html?s=97651d497ef0aab91e75644b118a0db1]http://www.riderfans.com/forum/archive/ ... 4b118a0db1[/url]

It doesn't mention the coin toss thing, but I distinctly recall that part. I was told that the average chainsaw will hit the same at 9" from your ear.

Now, this was opening coin toss. Imagine what it was during portions of the game! Imagine if the stadium was bowled at the time, which makes a huge difference. It is easy to see how a loud stadium can be a game changer, which is why some places have been busted for bumping in fan noise. My basic scale tells me that once you no longer can hear the PA system you have 106+

That kind of energy is amazing. Winnipeg was loud before the new stadium...I can only imagine now. Geez...I really should start wearing ear plugs to games!

Edmonton Looks and feels like a pro stadium
Calgary old but great color and field view
Winnipeg Well done turned stadium into a place to be
Montreal Great nostalgia feeling. Very close to field
BC place Neat clean however sound/feel of crowd is missing some how
TO ditto BC
Sask Looks like high school stadium. When do they blow it up?
Ham finely its gone. Brutal. However new Stadium will be great

Been at a game in each venue except Ottawa over the last two years . Heard its okay
Finally in the next 2 years we will have very different stadiums with different feels, all first class.

I was Edmonton last year for a Riders game there. So far away from the field and so spread out, no much atmosphere at all.

The question was "from a TV perspective" not on which stadium you have been to or your opinion of the stadiums.

Lions games are usually only loud when the PA tells them to be. Usually. BC Place is also by far the stadium the most conducive to keeping in sound. It's a big concrete bowl with a lid on it.

Taylor Field is the park least conducive to keeping in sound. Yet the home team down by 2 scores in the middle of the 3rd quarter and it's LOUD. As loud as anywhere I've ever been. No PA prompting and no fan-o-meter the last time I was there either.

Winnipeg, I'm sure the added bonus of those curvy covers focusing the sound back down onto the field was not lost on the designers. Smart design. 'Peg was loud enough in the old building. Can only imagine what it must be like now. :thup:

Grrrr, pet peeve of mine was that stupid "1,2,3 Make some noise!" BS that BC and TO liked to pump through the loudspeakers. Really there should be absolutely no need for that in any sport.

Meh, doesn't bother me. Although the nerd DJ they have at BC Place sounds like a knob when he does it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That annoying sound clip should be purged from every sampler.

I like watching evening games televised from BC. My guess is that the lighting system is superior. HD really looks like HD at BC Place.