what is the best bar/pub ?

hi what is the best bar/pub to watch the tiger cats away games.

The team official party I believe is still Buffalo Wild Wing on Centennial, however the Boston Pizza at Centre Mall is pretty good. The Brown Barrel I believe has a wing deal if you walk in wearing a Ti-Cat jersey, but it wasn't too busy when I went there last.

Nowhere. There is a complete lack of fans at every venue I've been to. Even the " official Wild Wings location is lame. Ancaster used to be okay but a little out of the way.

They need something in central Hamilton, not out west or east, CENTRAL

As fans, we should all endevour to correct this.

I used to go to Friscos's on Upper James it was good. But to be honest I'm not sure it's still up and running. I prefer sitting on my couch watching my big screen, this way I can yell all kinds of obscenities when things go "south" lol

Edit; they are open http://friscos.ca/

There is a place at Rosedale and King Sts. called, appropriately, The Endzone. Lots of large screen tvs, good food, including wings, cold beer, and lots of fans go there.

Rankins on Main St. east at Huxley, is always bee a great place to watch Cat games.

We really do need to get together on this. Sometimes I just want some fellow ticat fans to enjoy the game with. Watching at home alone isn't the same.

I can atest to the goodness of Endzone. Grant and Greg are awesome guys.

the endzone is a great place to watch sport I was there for most of the NHL playoffs.