What is the appropriate way to Protest/show support for HTC

I've been a ticat fan for almost 25 years and have been following this whole mess very closely. I wonder now what we do has HAMILTON ticat fans to show our support for the TiCats as a Hamilton team. Do we sell out every home game and show we want the team in Hamilton or do we leave Ivor Wynne empty for the rest of the season and show Bob (and the city) how disappointed we are that its come this far and we might lose the team we've had for over 100 years. If this is the end of the Ticats in Hamilton then I want to see some live games b4 they go but I dont want to give the impression I am happy with all that has happened. There is unsportsmanlike conduct flags on the field for both sides on this one.

Wear all Black Labour day !!!! With a Yellow Armband.

You won't lose the team if you get out and buy a ticket. :wink:

This is the time to show even more support for our HAMILTON TIGER-CATS. Dont let BOB down now after all he has done !

email your city councillors and tell them what you think !!!

This still isn't over, its just the beginning.

REMEMBER this come election time !!!!! October is just a short time away.

Please show Your Support to our Owner Bob Young
Wear all Black For our game vs Toronto Labor Day
Show Your Support for him on Sticking to his Guns..
Show Hamilton city Hall us Fans Our Mad as Blazes


This seems to be a simple question to me. If you are a true Hamilton Tiger Cats fan then you must show all the support that you can for your team and for Bob Young. This means selling out the remaining home games, this means wearing Tiger Cats hats and jerseys even when not at a game to make yourself a visible supporter to others and perhaps encouraging many others to do the same, this means organizing rally's at city hall on a regular basis to show how important the Tiger Cats are to Hamilton, this means declaring war on those who threaten to force your team out of town, and this means simply not giving up!

Flood all your councilors with the new Councilor David Mitchell thread.........shame the bunch of gutless morons !!

here's the thread link:


How about a chant of 'GOOD BYE FREDDIE.,GOOD BYE FREDDIE.........WE LOVE TO SEE YOU GO!"..at the labour day game

and sell out the rest of the games!!!.. :smiley:

blow up city hall

Careful...........Fred's army will call the cops claiming you're a Taliban dude.... :roll:

(personally,I know you're only using a figure of speech)

Aren't those the same people? He isn't exactly being forced out of town. They aren't making it easy on him, dont get me wrong but decisions he has made and will make will decide if he WANTS to leave town.

I honestly don't think BY wants to leave town but I can understand his position of wanting to see a stadium built where it can be most beneficial for the future of the Ti-Cats and not being forced to accept playing in a stadium location the the so called experts say will not work.

Let's sell out every game this year to show Bob that we are backing him 100%. This will also send a message to the buffoons at city hall.

So there is options to keep the team in Hamilton, he doesnt need to move them. He could wait out the election in October and WHEN we have a new mayor work with them to keep the team in Hamilton with an appropriate location, buy out Ivor Wynne and revamp it (whatever that means), or sell the team to someone who wants to keep the team in Hamilton and is worth taking the risk.

Dude, don't get yourself in any trouble. I know what you're saying -- but gotta tread carefully.

Wish you'd've suggested that before the spent half the cost of a new stadium renovating it.

Which makes me wonder... if they had that kind of cash to make one rather small [1] building look slightly less ugly, why are they acting so desperate for the provincial and federal money when it comes to the rather large Rheem property, which, in the worst case, could be remediated at half the cost (sans cost of buying property) of what it took to renovate city hall? Maybe they should have passed on renovating city hall, bought the west harbour property, re-built a new city hall there and followed FYB's advice.

[1] At only 34 metres, city hall is only about 1/4 the height of the tallest building in Hamilton, the 127 metre Landmark Place.

Anyone know where to get a yellow armband?

The best way is to ask Bob to at least sit down with the city and their investors and see what they are proposing for the Cats at the West Harbour. A complete refusal to negotiate is making him into the very person he's accusing the mayor of being.

I don't think anyone would object to the team playing rent free with a parking kickback from the city, and giving the Cats a share of equity for the stadium, that let them make money off of any event that is held there. Also email, or write the mayor/city council telling them "fine, WH it is, you do everything in your power to accommodate Bob." Telling them at this point to go back of their decision, isn't going to change their mind, because flip flopping at this point is going to be complete political suicide, if the WH choice wasn't already.

Hammer, it's political suicide for politicians, businessmen move on to other pastures. Bob doesn't want to play at the WH and if he doesn't for whatever reason, then don't sit down with Fred, and especially Fred, a man not to be trusted at all, IMHO. The man is not credible and trys to bring people down to his level. Bob is too smart to get sucked into that game with a man like this guy. Hopefully. It's over at WH. Bob is not a councillor who needs Freds approval or that. Thank god.

It's now Aldershot or something close by with GO access and loads of parking. WH is off the table.

Yellow Ribbon