What is Taafe's position on Qb?

Unless Maas was hurt and unable to continue in last night's game Taafe's decision to pull Maas made no sense.Taafe has stated that Maas is number one.Why pull him after 20 minutes.A qb needs to establish some rhythm and know the coach will show confidence in him i f things don't go right.The designated number one has to feel he will be allowed to work through some problems.The coach on many occasions that the team is a work in progress.Why didn't he let Maas progress?

Because he realizes this franchises need to win football games and sees what we see. Jason Maas is a bad quarterback. Besides does a quarterback really need five years to "progress"??

I wouldn't say Jason is a bad QBas much as I would say he is a hurt QB.

He made the right reads almost the entire time he was in, he just can't make the throws it seems.

And the good throws he made, his receivers did not catch.

umm...cuz he was 4-11 and 1 pick with no TDs...thats why!

The O-line let the opponent's defence keep pounding him.

IMO, Charlie didn't want him take the physical punishment.