What Is So Great ABout Danny Barrett?

And why are the Roughriders so afraid to get rid of this guy?

Like, he's been there what? 7 years? He's never gotten to the Grey Cup. Never won the division. Lost again this year.

So why do I read today that its somehow his decision if he returns?

I mean Don Matthews, the best coach in CFL history, got canned. Steve Buratto got canned after winning the Grey Cup. So did Tom Higgins. So why is Danny Barrett beyond reproach?

To me the guy has had his chance and failed miserabley. Its obviously time for a change. Any other coach would have been gone already.

So whats so special about Danny Barrett that its his decision if he stays or goes? And why are the Roughriders so afraid to get rid of him?

I can't answer any of these questions. Is there somebody out there who can?

I will begin answering your questions by prefacing that I am a fan of Danny Barret, and think that he is a class individual and a good coach, but personally I would have fired him possibly after 2004, but definately I would have let him go after the 2005 season.
The decision by Hopson and the board of Directors to make both him and Shivers lameducks for 2006 was both wrong and gutless.
Either fire them or renew their contracts, but lameducks...ouch.

On to your questions.
Obviously, any coach will have his supporters and his detractors. Danny is no different.
When you are dealing with a class individual like Barret, you are going to have strong support. He is simply a tough guy not to like.
And despite not taking us to the next level, he has done a very good job. After the abyss the Riders were in in 1998 and 99, it was very refreshing to see the steady improvement that came with Shivers and Barret.
The team was nearly bankrupt in 1999 and devoid of hope and talent.
That all changed in 2000.
And while we haven't won a Cup, we have made the play-offs 5 years in a row and been to 3 West finals.
And we can all see the talent/potential in the team.
The Riders need to go back 30 years to see that kind of success.
So stating Barret has failed is far from an accurate description.

So now, does it really matter if Tillman fires Danny or if Danny resigns?
Either way, he will be gone. And I predict he will not be unemployed for long.
Because he is a good coach and a good person.
The reason it has all been such a controversy this year, is because of the way Shivers was treated.
When he was fired midseason (another error and a gutless move by Hopson) then the focus went onto Danny.
A lot of people who maybe felt there needed to be changes made, rallied to Danny and want to see him get a chance under a new GM. Those people recognize that Danny is a quality guy and think that the problem was Roy.
So add them to the group who already backed DB, and that becomes a lot of support.

Now, to add some perspective, when Higgins was fired, that was a mistake.
We aren't really sure what happened to Don Mathews, but usually he just packs his bags and leaves, not fired.
Firing coaches is one of the most overrated and misused techniques in sports.
Coaches aren't good coaches one day, and they wake up the next day and can't coach.
There are only two legitimate reasons to dump a coach (and none midseason).
One is if the players stop playing for him.
And that is not the case here.
The other is complacency.
And that is why I think Danny should have been fired last year, and why he should go this year.
Actually, given the turmoil created by the Shivers fiasco, I think Danny may have had his best year as coach this year.
But it is time. Teams hit the wall. They get too comfortable.
My best example is the Ottawa Sens. Everybody thinks Jaques Martin is one of the elite coaches in the NHL. And the Sens became a powerhouse under his tutelage.
But he couldn't get them over the hump.
So finally, he was fired. They gave him 9 years.
Of course the result is, they hired that bum Brian Murray and where are they now?

Anyway, I digress...
The fact is, Danny has done a good job, he has been a good coach and people like him.
So firing him will be controversial. Keeping him will be controversial.
But as with the Sens, be careful what you wish for....

Hopefully that helps?

I think its the fact that he kinda looks and talks like Denzel Washington.

I am uneasy about it for 2 reasons. 1) Dude is a great coach and an excellent person. 2)Every player in that locker room loves Danny Barrett, i mean loves... It really is a family atmosphere in there. If he leaves, then alot of them will leave. Matt Dominguez said that was the #1 reason he is with the Riders. He loves his coach. I dont want to go into rebuild mode... The Riders will get to the big game in the next couple of years - with him. Without him it will be longer than that because of rebuilding...

So the riders go from nearly bankrupt to making the western final 3 of last 5 years. Pretty good record I'd say!! Particularly when you compare payrolls. A bunch of good rider players will be gone if Barrett goes. Give him one more year!!!
Danny has my vote for coach of the year.
Tell me h0nestly, what coach in the league would not have won big with all the talent the Lions have on their roster. Is is Wally or is it the talent?? The Riders stuck together and beat a very good Stamps team because of Barrett. Barrett should be a candidate for coach of the year!!!

It is Wally, because he is the one that brought the talent together.

Compare to what?
Arient they something like the 3rd highest payroll?

I heard that Danny's house in Regina has been sold for a couple weeks now.

don mathews was never canned, he left on his own terms

No he got fired the "Im sick" excuse was basically just so he can go out with dignity but he was definitley fired and to think otherwise is very naive (not to mention ignorant since it was already reported that he was fired on sportsnet and in the montreal gazette)

If the Riders had a qb of the quality of either Dickenson or Calvillo, everyone would be saying Barrett is a genious.

In some respects Danny is a good coach, and in others not so good. If Barrett had his team better prepared on Sunday, it might have been a closer game. The visual signal for the ball to be snapped is a brutal decision. KJ should have been under the center right from the 1st play from scrimmage, and that is a bad coaching decision. DB has come a long way from when he started as a HC when he came to the Riders, he definitely has gotten better. I believe his time as the coach of the Riders is done. There are some good candidates to take over from DB right in the organization. Richie Hall , IMO, would be a good HC. Condell and Cortez are two more that will be conisdered for head coaching positions as well. I think DB would be a great GM , IMO.

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Only The Saskatchewan Roughriders would allow a coach to stay too long

its just like in the past when the Riders wouldn't let go of guys like Elgaard and Poley, etc.. they couldn't get rid of over the hill players and get newer, younger players.

And you wonder why we only have 2 Grey Cups? 1 home game since 1988 and only 2 Appearances..

It's cause our Board of Directors are jokes!

I heard that 2. But that doesnt mean a damn thing. People sell their houses. Don't read into that too much...

Ive said this before and I will say it again Danny Barrett has taken his coaching skills as far as it will go untill he hears these two words YOUR FIRED only then will he take his coaching skills to the next level and succede
Good luck in the future Danny and dont forget to bring your A game the next time your team faces the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS

Just because Jack Todd said so does not make it true.... because it was reported means nothing either. Some writers have better imaginations than fairy tale writers