What is Ridernation.com

I have heard that a group called Ridernation.com are the group printing and selling the "Burris Sucks" t-shirts.
Last year this same group somehow had a billboard posted a block away from the Winnipeg Stadium Advertising Ridernation.com, with a picture of a rider fan waving a rider flag. Get this the flag was real and attached to the top of the billboard. Mind you, It was removed rather quickly after irrate Winnipegers phoned the private land owner who's property the sign was on, and nicley explained how signs could somehow fall over in the night.

Anyway, who the hell are these guy's and is the riders organization profiting in any way from the sales of the t-shirts?????

Ridernation is money grabbing organization.
You see,the farming in Saskabush is the pitts.These farmers made the t-shirts to break even for this years crops.
They put Burris sucks on them,because they are still bitter that he sold out.Can you blame him?They are just jealous of him.

........someone, Kman7 I think, alleged that this was a calgary-based operation, although I can't confirm that........but my contacts at CSIS are working on it.........

ridernation.com redirects you to the rider web page. coincidence, I think not.

I find it bizzarre that this is even discussed. Anyone here want to talk about football or is that beyond their mental capacity?

Hey humpfree take it easy!!!
Just starting different threads.
We can start a thread on who is the best team for the fifth time around.

LOL, please no.

Saskargo, you make my blood boil.....I'm SICK of hearing your Sask-bashing. This is a FOOTBALL website so if you have some intelligent comments on the CFL then please post them. If not, please keep keep your hands off your keyboard and spare us from having to read your meaningless drivel.

......just a quick note, but that last post wasn't about football.........

The website is actually www.theridernation.com and I don't think these are the same people you are talking about. News about this site and the shirts just came out this week. According to their website they are "transplanted Rider Fans from Calgary" and have wanted to do this for a while but just now got the site running. From what I can tell (from reading what they wrote), this isn't something they are just planning on doing for the Calgary game/Burris.

And no, the Riders organization has no affiliation with these people and they don't profit in anyway.

actually, just checked out the tshirts and they don’t look bad. its awesome, i will be looking forward to many more in the “_________ sucks” lineup. Think of it, they could make “Ricky Ray sucks” or “Dickenson Sucks” or “Calvillo Sucks” or “Allen Sucks”, etc etc etc. It would be cool. :slight_smile:

P.S. if anyone was offended, i was just joking

Hey goriders.
I'm glad I make your blood boil.
That is my goal!!!
You take this site to seriously.
I'm from Saskabush.I love the province.I love to make fun of it too.
Rider fans are not to bright,however I know alot of them.I bug them everytime I go to Saskabush.
Hey still got that rider pride?Now that is funny!!!!