What is really with Rider Fans?

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And me. Once JM promised to come to my place and cook me ribs and wings while we watched football. Unless debralynne is somehow related to Amber or Ginger, my cfl.ca heart's spoken for....

Lived in Sask. for 20 years. I then moved to Winnipeg for 20 years. Now I am in Calgary for the last 4.
Calgary - lots to do, nice city, concerts, sports, mountains...
Winnipeg - get cultural scene, Whiteshell, Grand Beach, sports, nice city.
Regina - Born and raised there, ........ riders.....not much more.

Hate to agree with a bomber fan but Regina doesn't have much going for it.....

Riders - 2008 Grey Cup Champs :smiley:

The reason why the Riders are so popular in Saskatchewan is because there are no competiting sports franchises in the province.
By default, the Riders have a sports monopoly in the province. Of course they are going to sell out every game. If you live in Saskatchewan and you're a sports fan, then again, by default, you're a Riders fan.
What else is there......nothing! Look at how many competiting sports frachises there are in Toronto:

  1. Blue Jays
  2. Maple Leafs
  3. Raptors
  4. Toronto FC
  5. Bills (there are games in Toronto and Buffalo is only a 90 min drive)
  6. Rock

Let's not kid ourselves, tickets, merchandise, transportation and time are all required to support a sports team. When you
have many competiting franchises all taking a piece of the pie, that leaves smallers pieces for other franchises.

If the Argos were the only game in town in Toronto, they would sell out the Rogers Center (50,000+) every game.

Yep .... Still the champs, in case anybody has forgotten.

...this doesn't have anything to do with rider fans per se but I lived for 2.5 years in Regina (June '85 to December '87) and quite frankly had a blast doing so...having 'more things to do' has nothing to do with it, it's actually doing the things that are there that is more important....people from Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg even: you make arguments that your cities have Multiple Professional Sports Teams and Theatres and Ballet and Symphonies and all this other stuff that Regina doesn't and somehow this is really important, but, how many of you have actually done all those things in say the past year?....I can honestly say I haven't....

...sure Regina doesn't have all the amenities that Vancouver or Toronto has, but I'll tell you it does have some pretty nice people...people like Ed and Mable, our elderly neighbours on Arthur Street who visited my young wife and our new baby daily and made sure my two girls were safe while I was putting in long hours at work....people like Kelly, Tim, Dave and Mike who helped us move on a cold Saturday and thought that a case of beer and a couple of pizzas were more than enough for their hard work....people like Kirk the Archtiect who took a gamble on a young grad from BCIT and gave him a job during a time when the economy wasn't great....people like Cindy, Colby, Annette, Cheryl, Ron and an army of others that made our two and half years in Regina an absolute blast....

....I'm a little pi$$ed at some of the intolerance on this site, think it may be time to be a little less tolerant as a mod.....admins gave me a big stick, maybe I should start using it a little more....

How's about Saturday? Gotta be at my place with the Mister, though...

People like to use the "Nothing to do in Regina" argument when Rider fans start talking about fan support and sellouts. The argument drifts to actual numbers, and then to market size, and then to the ever-predictable slamming of Regina / Sask and the fact the Riders are the only show in town.

Market penetration in Regina is clearly different in scope than it is anywhere else in the league. Denying it and saying "Per Capita" is crap etc. just means you don't understand. Regina is a football city. You can argue that there is nothing else to do, and you would be correct. But it only proves the point that fan support is different there, than anywhere else. You can argue that the stadium is smaller, and that the sheer numbers are weaker here than other places. The fact that we're even competative, and even stronger than much larger markets, is testiment to what we've built. The fact that the limiting factor is now supply, and not demand is also important to note.

It's clear when you hear players and analysts talk about Rider fans. In Regina, the players all get treated to celebrity status, not just the superstars. Players that are looking for the fame of being a professional athlete will get that in Regina. Most other cities, you will need to be a professional hockey player to enjoy the celebrity status that we extend to our Football players. Few football players enjoy celebrity status in this country, and of those that do, the majority of them are in Regina. That is another way that Rider fans contribute to their team, that doesn't happen in other places.

The demographics of it are also interesting. We're proud of our university section. We're proud of the loyal followers from Sask who have moved away, but can't get the Riders out of their heart. The way we have support in stadiums all across the country. The way we've spent the past couple years building the best rivalries in the league to help fuel fan support.

We're proud of our team, our tradition, and in how we're unique. And our market penetration is the envy of every other CFL management team in the league, even if their fans don't agree.

As usual RedWhite, you're the classiest poster on these boards!

Have you guys "broughten" in any teachers in them parts?? :wink:

BTW, Elton John and Iron Maiden both played here this year too. :roll:

Honestly one of the best posts this forum has seen. I know it's playoff season, but let's remember to be respectful, and stop ragging on team's fanbases. We all support our teams and the CFL.

whenever i have been to winnipeg i always wonder why downtown becomes such a ghost town at night. you have that beautiful warehouse district that would make a good location for a 'last man on earth' movie at night.

"hello! hello! is anyone out there?" says the lonely man as a tumble weed rolls by.

but at least winnipeg has some great artists and filmmakers. but i would still pick regina over winnipeg just for the friendliness of the citizens. some of the nicest people ever.

..Winnipeg's downtown core suffers from a carryover of land use issue that other western cities experienced (and still do to a certain extent) in the 70's...downtown cores were seen as the financial hearts and during the day were busy blusterous centres of activity, then at 5pm, 'poof', like you said, a good film location for I am Legend....

...Calgary and Edmonton are slowly coming out of this cycle as their downtown centres are seeing a regrowth of residential use as their city coucils start their urban densification programs to stem widespread greenfield developments on their fringes....Regina and Saskatoon were able to hold onto their pockets of urban residential areas as big business didn't grow to the same extent and push them out as their alberta counterparts experienced....

...Winnipeg has been caught in between, large enough for business to have forced downtown into a business-only area, but not large enough to force urban residential densification....

Some people just prefer to be in Regina -- even over Vancouver. (even despite the Rider fans)

Sometimes I think about returning to Regina, but my kids are here and I want to stay close to them. (I also dont think my husband would go for it, seeing as how his 12 year old son lives here with his mother and he is an instuctor at NAIT). But I do miss the easiness of living there.

zbest, are you just about done...? :roll:

It's playoff time. The way the Riders are playing, I figure I'm gonna be hanging around for at least another month or so.

Waiting for them to win! LOL Maybe if your lucky someone can wake you up and tell you that they lost then you will not have to wait so long.

Never minding that it is a much larger pie ... but anyways, I don't care - I say good on you if you SUPPORT THE CFL, wherever you are and whatever your alternatives are!!!!!!

Dude, seriously, just give people a break.

I have no problem with people supporting their teams, but you take it way too far.

If Saskatchewan gets passed BC, then we’ll see you in the final. If not, then we’ll see you next year and good luck with the BC game.

If Saskatchewan loses to Calgary, then good job. You guys have a great team, and obviously only one team can win. If we win, then I guess we’ll see you next year.

Either way, you have a great team - we have a great team. Let the guys play their best and whoever comes out on top obviously played their heart out.

Please be civil with everyone on here, and best of luck to you in the playoffs.