What is really with Rider Fans?

I don't know guys, what is wrong with us? Why are we so awesome?

Jeez, I guess we should stop being so proud of our team, its making other fans upset.

We wouldn't want to make any Leo or Stamps fans uncomfortable with our Rider pride.

Rider pride is a disease, and I am sure they don't want to catch it.

Us green-blooded folk should all be shot before we get on anybody's NERVES.


You do know that there already is a thread named similar right. Yup priders fans! :smiley:

And he responded in it.... looks to me like he is just changing the slant of it.... I think somebody needs a nap.

You're right, i could use a nap.

wanna know whats really with rider fans. your in a little boring town that has nothing to do. been there a couple times i can vouch on that. so simply put it with nothing to do you grasp firmly on the only thing that gives you valu by the name of the roughriders.

Says the guy from Winnipeg

what my city is 3 times larger then yours and has one of the best arenasin north america for concerts, and semi pro hockey team, and baseball team. much more so to do then chew on wheat.

You get a cookie.

fantastic. Im actually a little hungry.

Wow you are really stretching today. Loudest stadium when sold out? Best areas in North America for concerts? What are you smoking?

Winterpeg is a hole. Iโ€™d much rather live in Regina than Winnipeg. Considering how much I dislike the idea of living in Riderville, thatโ€™s saying something.

Actually, I live in Calgary.

But then, I'm of the opinion that Regina is a nicer place to live than here. At least it used to be when I lived there.

Winnipeg probably is, too. It can't get much worse.

I have spent time in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and lived in Regina and Winnipeg and I can honestly say that Winnipeg is one of the most boring cities in Canada.

:lol: In a week when laughs have been few and far between, I'd like to thank you for that one.

It takes a special breed to live in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. We sure ain't pansies like on the West coast, or arrogant phonies out East. you gotta be tough to live here, and in the end there is no other place I'd rather live. Say what you want, but for some Winnipeg beats the crap out of the other cities! :rockin:

LetsGoBlue, You speak the truth.

And we'll see you Nov.23rd in Montreal

I'lla dmit winnipeg has alot of problems. such as the murder rate. and hey my 23,000 last year at the east semi reached the same levels as bc place with 50,000 imagine that. same levels were attained when stegall broke the td record. weird isn;t it.

and ya the mts centre although is said to be a multi use facility was primarily made for concerts, and has broughten in concerts that wouldn;t have even been a possiblity of getting before. it has broughten in many big names from, elton john to iron maiden. and thats just this year

This post is kind of self explanatory....

What is really with Rider Fans?

They need a crash course on manners, etiquette, how to behave in public, etc.

Delete it jm...couldn't care less anymore. Pretty soon this forum will be nothing more than 8 Rider fans and their yeeha flags.

How these kind of posts stick around is beyond me. But they certainly don't belong in the main forum.

Why single me out?

You have a choice, if you don't like the content, then don't read the thread if you find you don't like it. Amazing how you choose to complicate such a simple solution... again.

I think Deb needs Midol............