What Is Printers Worth?

By now it is quite obvious that Wally Buono could make any quarterback seem better then they truely are....
It is also becoming obvious that KC Printers is not by anyu stretch of the imagination an all-star quarterback.....
Question is... If you were the general manager of an expansion franchise (Ottawa,Quebec,etc) What would you be willing to pay Printers with the current salary cap.
I'd have a hard time giving him any more then $150K.

Blin, it's quite obvious you hate Printers.

Why is that?

Because he was paid so much money? Yes, He is overpaid. So is every other athlete. At the time, Hamilton was in desperate need of a QB. We weren't the only ones who were willing to pay that much for him, we just outbid Toronto and Montreal. In the case of player salaries, don't hate the athlete, hate the owners for offering that much.

Because he didn't do much in the 6 games he played last year? You have to remember, he did not participate in Hamilton's training camp, and therefore was unfamiliar with the offense.

Because he came in with a swagger last year? What good athlete doesn't have a bit of cockiness in him? It's called confidence. I'd be worried if he said he didn't want to be known as the 'greatest QB of all time?' Isn't that the attitude that's expected of an athlete?

IMHO, there are Many other players in the CFL who are overpaid. How come no poll about them? Why single out Printers.

In answer to your question, I would pay about 300-400K.

I realize at the time it seemed like a good decision.... For the last six games last year when he sucked..everyone was saying wait until he gets a training camp under his belt.
Even though his back up seemed wayyyy better then him.
Well he has a training camp under his belt and in his last preseason game he looked even worse.... Meanwhile his backups come off the bench and win the game....so it makes you wonder .....Why wait half way through the regular season to get rid of him...... Get rid of him NOW....while you still have time to get quality players in other positions.... Quarterback is not a problem. Other spots are. Get rid of him now before your on the hook for his entire salary.

Printers stats from preseason game #2: 15/24, 144 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT in two quarters of play. Against Toronto's first string defense.

Not outstanding by any means, but not nearly as bad as you seem to think. And that was also with a group of rookie WR, many of whom eventually got cut.

In fairness you have to give him a full year, with training camp, the same coach, OC etc...
He does have all kinds of talent.

Frankly this is Coming from a guy with 98 posts
I have some Question for you Sir

Have you been to Training Camp in Hamilton?
Have you Watch him Practice?
Have spoke to the Coaches and Players around him?
Do you know The Hamilton Offence System at all?
Do you have any Coaching Back Ground at all?

Printer is Fine
all are QB Are.
If don’t like it Become a Fan of another Team.
Lay Off Casey

I bid you can’t Answer yes to half the Questions
I have asked you sir…

Bye the way I
Can Answer yes to all The Questions I asked you.
I have Been there …and Will Continue to be.


Printers isn't the best QB in the CFL, let alone best player. Hes worth slightly less than Kerry Joseph and Kevin Glenn.

casey is young, talented, mobile, and a proven winner with a positive attitude....he's the kind of QB you can build a team around, much like ray in edmonton.

id say he's worth between 400K and 450K.

I would say he is worth less than 200K. Printers has to prove that he can QB a team to first place , again. He was blessed with good talent in BC-- something he definitely does not have in Hamilton. A great player is defined how can elevate the play of the players around him- I wonder if he can elevate the players around him to another level.

Printers like everthing else in life.....Is worth what someone is willing to pay

Excuse me Blin,

Why do you hate Printers?

Are you jealous of him or something, because quite honestly this thread is just stupid. Or are you just an Argo fan? Because that would explain a lot...

Best reply in this thread.

I would only give Printers 150K. Until he proves that he is worth more, he wont receive a penny more until he has earned it.

I like this thread wether some ones in love with him or hates him. I would give him 160 thousand Canadian dollars or at the time Im writting this 810507.5 Norwegian Krones (NOK)

We'll know soon enough.

Exactly.... and I'm predicting that the Cats will be lucky to run a .333 record until he gets injured....which he will..... MARK MY WORDS.

He looked great though all of camp and is showing major leadership and he has all the talent in the world so blin do some more reseach before you post!

I would rather see the TiCats Develope Teal Orbain or Josh Sacobie, than spend the time money and effort on Chang. but that is another topic.

A recent report about a Soccer player being bought from a British team by Madrid for 75 million Pounds, :o Makes K.c,S $500,k look like a finders fee lmao... $500 k salaries were the Bar in the CFL 30 years ago, so Compared with other major sports, its a Small some, But taking the CFL,s unique nature and the many factors that affect the CFL, its about what the Fans can afford. Peace.

Oh the flaming that goes on around here. People have hated on Casey since his time in BC because he has a swagger. Little people like to pull other people down. They are dying to see him fail to put him in his place. I've been a Casey fan since the first game I ever saw him play, which was against my beloved Ti-Cats and he torched the defense. Luckily we hung on to win by 2 points.

Granted he hasn't played much in the last couple seasons, but the guy is immensely talented. Any fool could recognize that. As for his performance last year, I was impressed with the things that he did well. He showed his athleticism, his ability to stretch the defense, improvise...and nobody, nobody throws better on the run than Casey. Not even knowing the offense was a problem, yes (duh).

Anyway, go ahead and cut him down if that's what you have to do. But how about letting him play a regular season game first. If he stinks it out this year I'll issue a public apology and congratulations to all the CP haters. In other words, don't expect it!