What is Printers smoking?

...drive home tonight heard this on the radio:

Reporter: "Casey, your team leads the league in total yards rushed, lead the league in yards rushed per carry, number of rushes per game, most first downs by rushing. With Lumsden out, how does this change your predominant rushing game plan?"

Printers: "We are not a rushing team, I take great offense to that statement"

...wha?....I guess that means you're a kicking team then*....

*Printers hasn't thrown a TD pass in five games...

...later in the press scrum:

Printers: "I am 1/12th of the offense. I can only be 1/12th of the offense"

...apologies to ti-cats fans up front here, but the QB is the leader, plain and simple, and that means being more than one of twelve guys out there, a leader takes on more....

Well, it is true to some extent. What he means is that it takes all 12 guys to make that offense work. He is only one of the 12 guys out there. He can't control what everyone else does, just what he does.

That's what he means.

Sounds to me like he is trying a bit to hard to come off as being humble....Im not saying he is or isnt humble....Just that he is trying to be

He's cocky, arrogant, whatever... but in that second post, I believe he was trying to be humble (Yeah, I know)

While it can be interpreted that way, you can also read it as "I can't do it alone" or a passing the buck.

As great a QB as Casey can be/is, I do think he has a slight problem with attitude/ego. While most wanted to keep him here in BC, I wasn't too sorry to see him go because of that. If you have one guy who thinks he's above the rest, it's going to create a rift in the locker room. Team chemistry is important and everyone needs to feel important.

Well, can he? Could Montana? Could Aikman? Could Flutie? Could Moon? I doubt it. You need your teammates around you in order to succeed.

If you have followed the team this year, you would see how strong a leader Casey has become. It seems to be the fans in other cities who think he is the same guy he was in BC.

cleary printers cant do it alone, yet after the game they won, many ticat fans were ready to give him ALL the credit. go figure.

He doesnt like to run much anymore and on that run late in the half where he got hit he was going half speed. I think he is scared to blow out his hamstring again.

Although he is solid so fa this year, this is not the same Casey as his BC days.

hes probably smokin weed

He should have stayed here if thats the case.

Casey doesn't have the great receiving crew he had in BC.

Which leads me to the question:

Was Casey that good, or did the rest of the team make him that good?

He certainly fared better than Dickenson and Dave had the same receiving core.

What do you want him to do? Make chicken salad out of chicken s***? I'm sorry. Put him on the Lions, or Eskimos, Alouettes or Stampeders....or Bombers or Riders and he'd be fine. I can't even defend this team any more. I've had it. They Suck S***.

Are you kidding me? We rushed for 300 yds that game. Who said that Casey won the game?

I know it's frustrating after watching last weeks game and this one. Something I noticed is Printers being way too smiley on the sidelines in the fourth Q. He did not seem to worried about the big loss! That bothered me that he's not taking this team too serious! It may be out of context but really his performance tonight wasn't anything to smile about! and Hank pickin his nose around the 4:13 mark in the 4TH. come on camera man there's got to be something better to look at than that! Good job Calgary Solid Win Tonight

...good game ticats fans...I don't know what I can offer to say that will pick your spirits up, there wasn't a whole lot I saw that worked well for your team...next week Lumsden will return....oh, one thing, Printers has to scramble more, when he did he was effective, picked up some decent yards...but he didn't do it enough....

...anyway, on the 1/12th thing, in the context of the interview there wasn't humbleness there....it was a kind of 'I'm doing just my part' attitude, like don't expect me to do anything more...the jock talk guys after the interview ripped him for attitude...not great news, sorry, but I figure that should be known...

....beat Edmonton next week, please...

...Printers and the Cats ....sounds like a cartoon...I know its not funny to TiCat fans....and a real joke is my Bombers of late...but cripes guys ...give this team time...you can't build one over-night....and HOW LONG has O'Billy been GM...c'mon...It;s not as if the team was in the Grey Cup last year and are having trouble resembling a team now...give yourselves a chance... :wink:

Well we now know Casey Printers is not the most important player on that team. With out Lumsden the offense stalls and the defense stays on the field way to long. Turn overs and penalties killed them as well. I tell you they look like the Stamps three years ago. The Stamps are still not solving their penalty problems but have limited the turnovers. I still think the Tiger cats are a better team then last night. A young team will do that look like champions one night and then look dreadful the following game. This not the time to abandon ship. Pappa's team is another story there appears to be internal problems and it is effecting the teams performance on the field. Maybe dad it is time to give Berry the old apple and the road map to right the good ship bomber.