what is our main concern?

i saw this type of thread in the bc area and thought it would be interesting to hear what everyone thinks abou the blue and gold. if last year told us anything it is that a jumbrotron without someone who can use it is not worth the money.

on a more serious note my main concern is the oline. a young qb needs some time or things could turn ugly.

i forgot to put that on the poll. but i also much preferred last years.


kanga man the new jerseys are alright you dont have to keep mentioning them :stuck_out_tongue:

so bell has retired. losing carter and bell at the same time does not make me to comfortalbe. i was never a big fan of bell but i am concerned about us trying to use too many inexperienced people again. at leasst drover and howell are gone and we don’t need to worry about them. i felt much better about our secondary a month ago than do now.

i saw the highlights from the wpg/edm game and our bomber helmets had NOTHING on them and looked pretty DULL. is this just for the preseason or will the regular season feature these dull, boring helmets as well??? not really part of this thread, but since unis were brought up, i thought i’d ask!

good to be back, however, i’m gonna have to check out all these fancy new features in the forum!

Even though I chose QB on your poll, You might have a diamond in the rough with Spergon Wynn. Yeah, I know Glenn is the starter and he needs a chance to prove himself, But I think if you have to go to Spergon, you may be pleasantly surprised.

KK, From the highlites, I didn’t think your jerseys looked that bad. The helmet without the logo was interesting. I hope they put the logo back on come regular season!

ALL OF THE ABOVE. Hey some say bombers will only win 3 games…I say nonsence could get as high a 4 wins because of the # of times they play Ottawa :cry: