What is Oski-wee-wee Oski-wa-wa

What is this? Can anyone explain?

Thanks in advance...

From the Urban Dictionary;

Oskie: A term used used in football to let the lineman know to block the closest person on the other team when the ball is intercepted or a fumble is recovered

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Oski_Yell#cite_note-Vince_Wirtz-3]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Oski_Y ... ce_Wirtz-3[/url]

That link is okay, I guess.
I heard Vince Wirtz started it at Hamilton Tigers hockey games. That ended up being transferred to the Tigers/ Tiger-Cats on the field.

I've also heard that "Whiskey Wee Wee", which is the original version, was a way that people would order Whiskey from the hawkers that sold it in the seats at stadiums and arenas. So, that's what you'd yell -- kinda like "Beer here!!" or "Yo, Beer me!"

No idea who told me that. Probably some great uncle after a few pops.

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here is link to nfb documentary made in 1968-Oskee wee wee- http://www.onf-nfb.gc.ca/eng/collection ... &interm=et

Why didin't you just check Wikepedia??

I wouldn't put much faith in anything mikem posts

Long story short, it was borrowed/evolved from an american university chant, which was inpired by NZ Maori Haka (War chant). There…nice and neat for ya. :lol:

During the game last night the Bluebomber fan I was watching with asked about the chant, I told him as much as I knew now I know more. Good question crazycanucks

My wife was asking me what that Oski-wee-wee thing meant. I told her it was some sound tigers made especially when they’re scared. :slight_smile: She always believes me. :wink:

There doesn't seem to be an official version of the chant on the website. Wikipedia lists two versions, the original from the old Hamilton Tigers days, which my father still uses:

Oskee Wee Wee
Whiskey Wa Wa
Holy Mackinaw
Tigers ... Eat 'em RAW!!

and a modern (alcohol free, politically correct?) version that uses the Tiger-Cats name:

Oskie Wee Wee
Oskie Waa Waa
Holy Mackinaw
Tiger-Cats... Eat 'em RAW!!

To further confuse things, I have always known it with the two "Oskee"s, but with "Tigers" in the last line.

So which is the correct / accepted version today?

The one used today goes as follows.
Oskie wee wee,
Oskie waa waa,
Holy Mackinaw,
Tigers..Eat em' raw!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Or the very creative one used in Toronto:

Oskie wee wee,
Oskie waa waa,
Holy Mackinaw,
Argos suck!

Here we go again. This comes up every couple of years.
A slight correction to your version of the original cheer.

Holy mackinaw
Tigers, Eat 'em raw!

This was the cheer I knew from '48 through '62 when I left Hamilton.
About 5 or 6 years ago, I got Caretakers permission to continue using this version myself, so long as the majority of fans stayed with the revised, (Approved) version.

It's of little consequence now. Use whichever version suits you, so long as you cheer loudly and long!

I grew up in Hamilton (I remember Vince Wirtz doing it) and I always thought it went:

Oskie wa wa
Whiskey wee wee
Holy Mackinaw
Tigers eat 'em raw.

I've always thought that "Oskie wee wee" was the name of the chant but not an actual line in it. Wrong all these years?

I know (to the extent that wikipedia can be trusted) that there are similar chants from American universities. I've never heard about the Maori haka connection before. Do you have a source for that?

Thanks. It's as I thought.

And I'll forgive my father his "grandfather clause" version, as he was a Tigers fan years before they merged with the Wildcats. And Wilf, I think you're right about the original chant; I now seem to remember him saying "Oski-wa-wa, Whiskey-wee-wee".

And of course the version for Toronto is a given. :thup:

Incoherent Hamilton Jibberish

If you're trying to make Hamiltonians sound stupid, it would help your case if you at least knew how to spell. It's "gibberish", not "jibberish". Thanks for comin' out though.

It should be OsKi-wa-wa first because when Oski has to much wa- wa he has to go for a we- we. :oops: :oops: :lol: