what is next?

Who gets traded? For what? Crandall, Durant, Tate or Jyles. Something must be coming. With Joseph we have 5 quarterbacks. I guess Crandall to Toronto or Winnipeg.

I truly believe that a lot depends on what happens with Kerry's contract.

I'm scared to find out what's next!

Giving Joesph a more lucrative contract is not gonna make me sleep better at night or ease my breaking heart after the losses of Fred Perry and Kent Austin.

If what is said regarding Fred is true. This is very disappointing and I understand why Tillman did what he had to do. Jyles had nothing to do with the Trade. We don't need him. We'd be stupid to get rid of Crandell if you ask me. Of the forseen possibilities:

1)Tom Canada-I doubt it! He's wanting more money than Fred Perry and I just don't see Tillman breaking the bank for him.

2)Eddie Davis is gone. Hearing that interview on the radio of him, he'll take a Bologne sandwich as a contract so long as he's in Calgary where his family is.

3)Reggie Hunt. Who knows if aspirations of playing in BC are true. You haven't heard hide nor hair of negotiations, which probably is a sign he could be testing the market.

4)Matt Dominguez. Probably will be back with the Riders This possibility is most likely IMHO

  1. Chris Szarka. Honestly, who cares!

I hope we get Dominguez and Szarka. Both of them. Szarka and Hughes are better than there stats. Thats my opinion. Davis is the most important free agent. Agree he goes to Calgary. Not hiring Hall hurt with Davis. Hall was the only way to over come family in Calgary. Big loss if he goes to Stamps.

And what other GM's are offering up a trade bait...

Tate and/or Jyles will be gone after training camp. The riders can't afford to keep both and will likely be in trouble if they let one ride injury list all season long.

Yeah, i'm sure one of the QB's won't be around.. but that QB might be Crandell (e.g. if he gets traded).

Joseph has yet to sign a contract, so if Crandell is traded does KJ's value go up and if so why, a few posters feel Et will trade MC to move up the draft....trade to whom ...a team needing a strong backup leaving us with no experience to fall back on if KJ gets ko'd,i say let ALL these guys fight it out at TC, give one of the new guys regular season play and if they can get the job done THEN move MC, his value may actually rise when some of the Eastern team realize the bums they have at QB.......GO GREEN

You'll need to explain to me why you would keep Crandell if your plan is to give the young kids playing time anyway...
We will have two 3rd year QBs and a 2nd year QB, and the only way to find out if they are any good is to play them.
If we can get a draft pick for Marcus, I say get it done....

I call keeping Crandell a safety net... the Stamps , Eskimos and Lions all have a great starter and backup, last year is a prime example of what can happen when teams rely on unproven QB's,and it looks as if Edmonton and Calgary have adjusted for that...

I think we should keep Crandell.

Yes. Keep Crandall. I like Joseph but worry about this. Can he stay healthy? He is 35 I think. May need Crandall. Austin said it was close for starter job in 2007. Think he said a coin toss.

I think he can. I can see him being like Damon Allen.

Old and washed up?

Even though Marcus is a good insurance policy, I think it is time that we develop a QB, one at least if not two to take over once Joseph retires. It may painful in the short term not to have an experienced back-up , but will benefit us in the longer term when we a have a QB that is ready to start once Joseph retires, and that whoever is that starter, they have a reliable back-up as well. Lets not go through the QB carousel that happened when Lancaster retired.

Joseph needs to be paid. What a cheapo team image we will have if we don't. The guy wins MOP, and qb's our team to the cup. What more does a QB need to do? Yeah he's up there, but what kind of message are we sending to prospective players. "Yeah, you played well, got us to the cup, but what have you done for me lately?" Pay the man, he took a major pay cut for us, make it up now. Crandell? I very comfortable with him holding the clipboard. Kerry goes down, Crandell steps up. Great combination. Bye Jyles as far as I'm concerned.

Hope we sign Joseph soon. Tillman needs to get this done. But not give him money that hurts team. Yes he was MVP. But Joseph is 35. Tate and Jyles and Durant are the next Rider qbs. Are Tillman and Miller right about Jyles. We dont know. But bye Jyles? What are you smoking? Joseph is 35. Crandall is 33. Great combination you say. For how long? If we give Joseph money and keep Crandall. We wont be cheapo. We will be stupido.

I have no problem developing young quarterbacks. But you don't put a young quarterback with no real experience as your number 2.

Just ask Calgary or Hamilton or Montreal. They all played the price. There is a reason why Calgary went out and got dickenson, there is a reason why Edmonton went out and got Maas. Experience counts for something.

Tate may be just ok. Tate may be good. Jyles may be just ok. Jyles may be good. When BC had Printers behind Dickenson we didnt know anything about Printers. Same with Buck Pierce. Lions have done good with young qbs. Why cant Riders?