what is Montreal's status in the league?

Not that I care since I'm not familiar with Scott Taylor's work, but maybe argotom was correct in believing he was fired for plagiarism:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2004/11/24/taylor041124.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2004/11/ ... 41124.html[/url]

It certainly reads like a "resign or we'll fire you" situation.

And these boxes are really only for the Als games as there is no other events held there. Works out to 500.00 per person per game...

Absolutely, the man resigned before being fired.
It's the same.

Wow, I am envious as my Argos could have had something similar which would have turned the entire fortunes of the team.

I’m gonna be the odd man out and stick up for Scott Taylor. As a regular listener of the team 1260 here in Edmonton, Scott Taylor has never once slammed the CFL on his weekly 20 minute Wednesday segment. Yes, he is a fan of the NFL and is a huge fan of the MLB but he does discuss the CFL, the Eskimos and the Blue Bombers alot prior to and during the CFL season. As a matter of fact I read his blog regularly and not once have I ever read him slamming the CFL there either. Has he slammed the Blue Bombers? If they haven’t done well or aren’t doing well … Absolutely! But if the Bombers are doing well he acknowledges it.

Now about him being fired or resigning or whatever, it still doesn’t change my opinion on him. I find him insightful and very entertaining.

I'll stand with you about Taylor. I listen to him and read him a lot when I live in Winnipeg in the 80's and never got the impression that he was anti anything, particularly CFL. He could be harsh when it was warranted, and on occasion I remember him really slamming both MLB and the might NFL about some issues. I don't know how he has changed in the last twenty years (the obvious issues not withstanding) but I always like him and I'm not sure all this hatred is deserved.

He didn't resign because he was accused of plagarism:

Wow! Looks good though. How can I win one?

Montreal by far receives the most corporate sponsorship of any team in the CFL.

The french tv broadcast deal helps a lot plus the two radio deals.

That story doesn't say he didn't either. In fact, Taylor himself says "I resigned over a number of things. It was part of the discussion on Friday but it wasn't at the top of the list."

So, it might not have been the sole reason he resigned, but it was certainly part of it. In any case, whether you choose to believe one story or another, as with most things journalistic, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

It also shouldn't necessarily destroy his career either. People make mistakes, and people can change. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Supposedly the Als wanted to add 10,000 seats in an upper deck on the north side in a 2nd phase but the university wasn't keen on it and the neighbourhood was dead set against it.

The 20,000 thing has always annoyed me because of how people always say the Als have had I dont even know how many sellouts in a row now. Like, if a city the size on Montreal who is passinoate about football can't get 20,000 ppl into a stadium, that would be pathetic

Their sponsorship sponsorship deal was rumoured to be almost as high as then other 7 teams combined as of a few years ago. This is to say nothing about their unique broadcast deal with RDS which is the envy of every other CFL club. These 2 things have also been rumoured to be 2 big reasons why the ALs aren't so keen on another team operating within La Belle Province. :wink: The Als have been making money since the turn of the century and with these new stadium additions, things will only get better. So the suggestion that they lose "hundreds of thousands a year" is ridiculous.

Agree with everything you said above, however I recall that the Als were very active in the discussions the Quebec group was having with the Feds and Laval U about including a larger stadium expansion when Laval got their funding for improvements to their athletic facilities.

I think they see the natural benefit of having a CFL rival in Quebec City, even if it meant splitting TV money with them. Though, the Als would probably argue that advertising revenues would only increase for RDS with 2 teams in Quebec.

I think no matter how much revenues the Als make. The good doctor would show a negative to even balance sheet :wink: Nothing wrong with that just pointing it out as people should not be worried about the Als ...

For comparison purposes, for 2009 the Esks just announced a $400,000 profit, along with $8.9M in Operating Funds,
$8.2M in Stabilization Funds, and $30.3M in Capital Assets Funds...total Net Assets $47.5M.

Compared to a private owner who's net worth is in the billions ? I don't follow.

You guys arguing a legitmate point or just trying to score pointsÉ

X says for comparison purposes .... I'm trying to understand what he is comparing ? A terrific NFP community owned team to a terrific privately owned team. I don't know how you compare the two really.