what is Montreal's status in the league?

Since Montreal has gone to molson stadium, we have looked at the Als as a great example of how a Canadian football team can be sucessful. About two weeks ago, i was listening to the Fan960 morning show, and Scott taylor from the winnipeg free press was on(I quicky realized hes a CFL doomsday person who wants the league to fail). Now, i am guessing most of what he spews is BS, But he made a passing remark the Als are loosing hundreds of thousands a year. we have discussesd als a lot on the forum, even stating how much they charge for tickets, makes them a 40,000 seat stadium. Does anyone know if this D-bag is telling the truth or not? could we see the als gone again one day when the owner passes on?

why don't we stop worrying about what some jackass in the media says, let's worry about the 2010 season, not something that is years and years into the future.. what is the point of mulling over something that won't happen for a long time?

im not mulling, im just curious if als are in financial trouble or not. it would be a bummer if the als are a loosing cause. im was just wondering if anoyne new if there is any truth to what the d-bar is spewing.

The Als aren’t in financial trouble, but haven’t been able to make a profit for years because of the seating capacity of Molson Stadium (20,000). Hence the reason we keep hosting playoff games at the Olympic Stadium. However, expansion of Molson Stadium to 25,000 is well underway and should be completed for the start of the 2010 season.

I don’t think there’s any need to push the panic button in Montreal. We’re doing fine.

^^ If you guys are upgrading to 25,000, that's awesome. 20,000 is a bit small. But like you said, as long as the Als keep hosting games in the Big O, you guys will be fine. Like cflisthebest, I'm not too concerned.

will 25,000 give profit? its not an overly huge concern, i just want all the teams to suceed. im just asking if at the end of the year, will the als have a profit, or bein the hole with a 25,000 seat stadium?

The new stadium in Ottawa will have about 25000 seats, so I’m guessing that owners can do okay with 25000 seats under the right circumstances.


With stadium developments happening and to come in the CFL, you'll see a general attempt to confine capacities in and around 25,000 with room to expand later if needed. This follows in the success of the Alouettes and certain MLS teams like TFC where by reducing supply has increased the 'perceived' value of a ticket. Now that the Alouettes have successfully sold out much of the 2000s in a 20,202 seat stadium, they have the highest priced and most coveted tickets in the league. They can keep the same price structure and draw from a deep waiting list now to fill the expanded 25,000 seat Molson Stadium. If they continue to trend with perpetual sell outs, they will probably be in a position in 10 years to expand similarly to 30,000 seats.

Compare them to a team like the Argos or Ti-Cats which my have outdrawn the Alouettes in terms of absolute attendance but with far cheaper tickets.

We can expect the Alouettes this year to sell out the regular season at 25,000 per game with season seats starting at $28 per game. The Tiger-Cats will likely stuggle to have those kinds of attendance numbers with season seats from as low as $12.50 per game.

Why? Because in Hamilton, there has never been a question about whether there were tickets available to any game save Labour Day. In Montreal, tickets are scarce and this has created an aftermarket driving the face value of the tickets up.

This can be reproduced anywhere so look for Ottawa and Hamilton to move into slightly smaller 25,000 seat stadiums.

Nice! :smiley:

And that proves it. Berezin is constantly going on about the dilapidated stadiums we're using. Well, it turns out that both Montreal and BC are doing major renovations to theirs. :thup:

Scott Taylor is a piece of low life work IMHO, I saw him once and vowed never again would I listen to the guy, he's garbage.

Agreed Earl, the man never had anything positive to say about the league, while conversely cheering for the NFL.
Serves him right he got caught plagiarizing and was then fired from the Winnipeg Free Press.

i check the als website for expansion progress updates almost daily. very cool watching it all come together!

as for expanding it to 30K, i dont know where they could add an additional 5K seats?

Montreal has been a domonant team in the East which means they have 50 000 fans at the Big O and they have " owned "the east position in the GC. Thus their success on the field has made them a success in revenue. Looking to the future, with the youth of the team generally, the team should remain a marketable one in future.

Didn't realize this shiite got fired, good on him, good info argotom! :thup:

Plus there are luxury suites




Luxury is right. That looks like a small apartment. :lol:

Its amazing what 60,000$ will get you

You don't have to like the man but at least get your facts right. Scott Taylor was NOT fired from the Free Press. He resigned and the allegations of plagarizing didn't come up until after he resigned and he strongly denied the allegations.

What is Montreals status, you ask? They are a franchise that everyone should model themselves after.