what is left to fill the gaps?

I was looking at the roster today with those new signings, and currently we have 65 players on the roster. I was woundering how many players that we are allowed to hold. I believe that the playing roster is 45, but what is the limit for the practice squad?

so far, what I see is,

OL = 10 guys, great depth
QB = 6 guys, more than enough maybe too many backups
RB = 6 guys, many guys but i am not too sure about some (woundnt mind seeing lee there instead some of those other guys)
FB = 1 guy, need more depth (maybe 1/2 guys) but dont know of any in draft or free agency.
WR = 10 guys, good depth, but still would like to see a couple more WR's signed.

DL (DT/DE) = 10 guys, good depth and happy with signings
LB = 7 guys, needs more depth dont know where to look
DB = 11 guys, good depth
S = 1 guy, needs at least one backup

what do you guys think about what we need to have good balance on the team while keeping quality players in all positions.

I think we need more competition at defensive line and defensive back (specifically to replace Gordon).

Rush End
Experienced possession receiver
Safety ??? Galant and Barker.....
Full Back

I'd say we ahave an experienced possession receiver in Jo Jo Walker if we'd just let him play.



DE, RT and overall depth across the board. Yes, there are a few questions at some other positions but the main keys coming into camp is finding imports that can fill those two line spots.

what i think we need is 1-2 more OL, 1-2 more DE, 1-2 more WR, 1 FB,1 DB and 1 S
Beveridge is a decent safety and Barker hasn't been tried there yet. Although Rontarius Robinson was tried there and proved to be pretty good.