What is Khari Jones going to do?

Ham. or Mont. could use him as a back-up...but.I think he'll return to Wpg. eventually in some capacity....some are saying he'll be working the radio on bomber broadcasts. He might end up as part of the Wpg. coaching staff working with the QB'S..... Michna could use some of his experience .... this kid is a star of the future in this league ....too bad Huey you can't have this one. :lol:

Like what I said earlier in this thread.

Jones will never come back here...ever...In the Winnipeg Free Press yesterday they mentioned that the Bombers were lying in wait until one of the old QB's in the east goes down and then hold whichever team ransome for a good player in exchange for a decent replacement at QB. My guess is that the Bombers are looking to dump Spergon Wynn. Nobody would take Michna because he's virtually unknown, and Tee Martin is young and full of too much potential. They'd never let him go. Anyways, in conclusion, I doubt Jones will get picked up by anybody. Sankey played well enough for the Ti-Cats in the preseason, the Gades have Brad Banks, Bishop's making strides in TO. That leaves Montreal, who will more than likely pick up a Bomber quarterback. Not a former Bomber quarterback...Besides, Jones is too old and banged up.