What is Khari Jones going to do?

Anyone heard of any good rumors on who's looking at Khari Jones?

no rumours, bu personaly im thinking Hamilton or Montreal.

Stavie to death??? :lol:

He can always fall back on his acting career.

Seriously though, he'll probably end up in the East somewhere. As soon as the first starting QB gets injured, he'll be there.

If Montreal was smart, they would pick him up. And fast.

I think either Montreal needs him (hed make a great back up to AC) or Hamilton. Danny should be retiring within the next year or two (but who knows maybe hes gonna play until hes like 65) and i thnik Khari would be a great addition to Hamilton he was always a good QB in Winnipeg so why not another team as well???

i'd like to see hamilton pick up khari; he'd fit in pretty well, i think.

I'm thinking Ottawa.

Doubtfull that Ottawa would be interested with Joseph and Dennedy there. May end up as a backup in either Montreal, TO or Hamilton. Or perhaps his time is up.

Horus wrote: As soon as the first starting QB gets injured:

Hmmm Saskatchewan? Can they live with Crandel as back up.

Best guess is Ottawa. Brady can backup McManus.

Hamilton would be a good fit, they play a style that would suit KJ. Good running game, oline and proven receivers. But you could probably say the same thing about Toronto or Montreal. And the Riders? Well I figure you can never have enough experienced QB's in town so I'd take him if we could afford it. But wouldn't it be funny and not completely implausable to have him end up back in winnipeg!

Saskrider: With Dave Ritchie gone.... That possibility could exist. Ooohhhh I can hear the screamin from the Bomber Posters now!

Sportsmen - If he did endup in the 'peg last years trade would have to go down as one of the alltime worst! (Though at the time I thought at least Dunigan had found an experienced QB)

Sask Rider Good point, Although the Bombers did get Joe Flemming and now getting Jones back...well, it means Flemming cost nothing!

KJ back in Winnipeg is not that far fetched if he is willing to play for reasonable bucks. The question is would the fans torment him…mmm.

If Winnipegs QBs all stink the place up this year, I think the fans would welcome back Khari.

We have enough depth at QB. Don't forget that we also have Brad Banks. And he's a gooder.

Go Rens Go!

Montreal needs him the most. Hamilton has Brady and Toronto has Bishop. Even Peg has Glenn and Wynn.

Him and his wife own a few Booster Juice's in Winnipeg ... He should just retire and keep on making juice. I've tried them ... He makes better juice than he throws ... (and the juice isn't that great either)


I say Montreal should grab him quick.
Which QB came to Montreal to talk in late winter? Was it KJ?