What is June Jones smoking?

Ticat HC June Jones says Johnny Manziel would be the best CFL player ever.

The best to ever play up here. Really?! Okay Juney ::slight_smile:


He might be smoking the truth but Don Matthews isn't around any longer, RIP Don, and for someone like Manziel to shine, he would need the leeway that Matthews took with Flutie.

Mind you Jones might know this, Austin I doubt it.

I agree. It's crazy. Same has been said of so many players who have bombed.

And this just in: June Jones inserts himself into the marketing department in order to help sell tickets in TigerTown

I'm sure it didn't take long for Jones to figure out Scott Mitchell is clown no. 1 and Austin isn't too far behind. Personally Austin has some football smarts but Mitchell, to me, is the main anchor that needs the rope cut ASAP. But Young seems to love the guy, what do I know? :-\

You're just jealous because you don't have a Head Coach or a QB to brag about. ::slight_smile:
9 day old news Johnny, just waking up from a bender?? :wink:

No. But Johnny will most likely go on one when Kavis Reed announces our new HC. Make that a 3 day bender!

He wouldn't even be the best player currently in the league ....... Heck, he probably wouldn't even be the best player on his team.

I got a chuckle of it a bit back when I saw this....but then thought hey, probably a coach attempting in part to woo the player he wants. That said....they just reduced the chances of their pending free agent QB looking at Hamilton as a first choice and likely made the guy making starter money closed to any negotiations.

That's just the coach blowing smoke (and hopefully not inhaling it) to help sign Johnny Football. Manziel won the Heisman trophy, emblematic of the best player in NCAA football...and now the best in the CFL? That still remains to be seen...(signed: Andre Ware.)

Even if Manziel were to sign with the TiCats (or anywhere in the CFL) he wouldn’t fit in. The CFL is too low key, low profile for Manziel. He’s a party animal, likes to pose with bricks of money for the cameras, and has some addiction issues to boot. Not the brightest guy either.

It would be like trying to mix oil and water.

Well we know there is no chance the Ticats will trade his rights, after a comment like that. If I'm Masoli. I'm shopping my services.

Not sure what the heck Jones was thinking or trying to do (other than inspire fans to buy tix) with that comment. Very cancerous type of thing to insert into your club when you’re trying to focus on next season.

Manziel hasn't even been cleared to play in the CFL by Ambrosie! Is this a way for June Jones to put pressure on the commissionner?

Not a good way to do things if that is his intent.

Looks like the current best ever, Alouette Vince Faragamo is about to lose his title.

What I wanna know is :

Where is BOBO ?

He must be on Christmas vacation.

Thought he would be all over this , left, right, up , down, inside and out.

BTW, as far as the " best ever to play without playing "

LADIES, he is single.

Yes, where is that troublemaking rascal Bobo?! :slight_smile:

Here I am :slight_smile: I did by the way post a response to B-88's inquiry posting 3 very nice memes BUT they somehow strangely got deleted. I'm guessing that there was a mod who isn't a fan of the movie "Goodfellas" or the TV show "Trailer Park Boys" or the Oscars . I thought personally that they were all tastefully done BUT apparently not as they are no longer here . :o ??? Maybe we have a new mod that goes by the name of SJW that we're not aware of ?

Always great to hear from you BOBO.

On a keyboard, it should be " great to read from you "
That just sounds dumb.

Anyway , I brought you into it because I know how much you dislike " that guy ".
When Johnny posted the June Jones take , I thought BOBO, will blow a gasket.

Anyway, June will need to figure out what is best for the team.
I just hope it does not alienate the rest of the team. ( Ottawa - Dexter Manley ).
He needs to figure into JM and ZC. The direction to go with what QB.

IMO, the Cats do not need a trouble making cancer.

BTW, I regret my line " ladies he is single "
That was in poor taste. Sorry.

I do not like guys who beat up women.

Good to hear from you Bobo! Too bad Johnny didn't see the memes you posted. Johnny is a big fan of Goodfellas and the Trailer park boys!

Sorry, what about Ottawa Dexter Manley ?

What does it have to do with this ?