What is Jim Barker role ?

Noticed him on the sidelines chatting it up with Evans and the offensive line. He paced the sidelines the entire game with what looked like a plays call card and a single ear piece. So what exactly is his role a offensive play calling expert. I thought he was an adviser on player personnel?

He’s there to tell the refs when the opposition lines up off-side. ;D

This and marking where punts went out of bounds.

Whatever it is keep doing it.

Convincing ex-Argos to sign with Hamilton.

He seems to have opened up the talent pipeline. He no doubt has solid scouting connections down south from his days as Argo GM. Additionaly his ability to lure the talent he previously recruited and worked with such as Van Zeyl and Coombs speaks volumes about his character. Barker seems to enjoy being on the sidelines patting the players on the back after a good play and offering encouraging words.

Solid hire by the Cats to bring Barker in.


Barker is a personnel guy first, but also obviously a coach.

I think it’s great Barker is on the sidelines, coaching up the players.

He clearly has great passion for the game, and is enjoying his role in Hamilton.

I heard he was helping with the coaching during training camp, may not necessarily be the case now though. That’s one way to get around the coaches cap! :smiley:

As for ex-Argos coming this way - Barker would have a good knowledge of those who’ve been with the Argos for a few years like Van Zeyl and Coombs and of course he could fill them in on what a great organization the Ticats are!

I was listening to the Argos fan podcast and as well as being devastated about last weeks drubbing, they were also lamenting the loss of Van Zeyl - released so they could avoid paying him a well deserved bonus! Typical of Popp - CVZ’a replacement is clearly not ready to play at the same level.
Their loss, our gain and I suspect that will be true of Coombs.


I’ve always liked Barker . His passion for the game and his intelligence are welcome here in Hamilton . He’s a football guy !

Pat Lynch (the old guy who’s about to get new eyes. No more 300% magnification for me.)

I don’t remember your love of Barker when he was an Argo.You need to define always.Just kidding

Barker is good for the league . He really seems to be enjoying himself here in Hamilton . When he left for the XFL, I wasn’t thrilled but coaches, players, and managers go to where the jobs are. I get that part .

I hope his stay in the Hammer is long but you never know when the next challenge will arise .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Barker has seen and done it all.

Having him on the sidelines for advice must be reassuring to our rookie HC and GMs.