What is it with those bonehead plays?

There's less than a minute left before half-time. We're up by 8 and we're down around our own 32. Why on earth does Lulay go for the long bomb to Simon and then another long bomb resulting in 3rd and 10? We end up having to kick from around our 25 and give the ball back to Calgary with almost a minute left. They get 3 points back as a result. Why not try and grind it out on the ground or with short passing plays to eat up the clock. Even if we don't get the 1st down we might pick up 6 to 8 yards before having to kick it away.

I'm trying to understand the reasoning here.

I understand what your saying if it was the 2nd half,,, but being the first half and knowing that stamps D is best at stopping the short game the lions tried to get more. That's the way I see it. But wow what a game Lions played like a contender !!!

They ARE contenders Lions1 in my books. They've proven it by beating Calgary. I keep going back to their first four games when they could have won at least 3 of them. The games were very close, including that game against Calgary back on July 08 where they the Lions lost by only 2 points.

Wally saw the potential in this team that many fans did not see and he never lost faith in the team.

Getting back to bonehead plays/calls, what did you think of declining to go for the field goal to raise the score to 35-13. That would have required 4 scoring plays by Calgary to pull it out but with just minutes left. Instead the Lions opt to punt. It almost backfired. I'm still trying to understand Wally's logic in declining the field goal opportunity.