What is it with the site the past 2 days?

For some reason, the website format has been aweful the past 2 days. I cannot see the "online users" pane, there is a blank pane between the main forum pane and the advertising, and it is cropped as well.

This has happened both in Firefox and IE, on computers running Vista-64 and XP-Pro.

What gives? I thought the IT guys were pretty good (up to this point...)

who really cares...im sure they'll fix it.

well i kinda do.
it gets annoying and it looks stupid

I agree; it's irritating, and obviously dysfunctional (ok, ok, just like me...) Let's use some of that incredible season ticket price increase to fix the website!

Still works fine for me. Must be my trusty Commodore 64.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) It's back to normal now !!! It was driving me crazy as well !!!

Drove me crazy. I even have my friend, who is a computer guru, on call to help. This world is a wierd and wonderful place, full of surprises!

It was pretty annoying. Glad it's fixed.