What is it with McCallum?

This guy scares me. It is great that he has been able to pin the opposition down by kicking the ball near the sidelines causing it to go out before it could be returned. When it works it looks great. But that was last year. Since the exhibition season McCallum has not been the same guy. Yes, he did not miss any field goals or converts against Saskatchewan this game. Or did he? I can't remember. But kick offs and punts are also a big part of the game.

A few weeks ago [can't remember against which team] he screwed up a key punt which allowed the opposition to score the go ahead TD and almost cost B.C. the game.

This time against Saskatchewan he kicked two kick offs out of bounds allowing Saskatchewan to start on their own 45. This is excellent field position off a kick off. Then he screwed up another punt. It's great to be consistent with field goals but let's not give back the points by giving the opposition great field advantage. Especially in tight games.

On those 2 out of bounds kick offs he was trying to angle it to minimize the return. That's reasonable if it can be done consistently. I say just kick the living daylights out of the ball and let the coverage team take care of the rest. I don't know if McCallum was being directed from the bench or he was trying to do this on his own.

Something else I'm concerned about is how well Saskatchewan is able to kick the ball off kick offs. Several times B.Cs return guys were taking the ball on the goal line. Those are 70 yard kicks the Saskatchewan's kicker is making! That's nothing to sneeze at. McCallum seems to be able to kick it only 45 to 55 yards. I think Whyte was kicking it deeper.

Did we hear someone fell of the bandwagon again? OHH its just Cobra again. If its not Buck, its Jarious, or its Wally fault now we have Macalum. Our future looks bleak!!!!! OHH now we have Lulay.We won a few games and now Casey is back.. Were going to win.... We lost and Now Cobra going pick on the player of the week when we lose..
WOW BC wins our future looks bright.. We lose and Cobra becomes a troll.

I thought McCallum did a great job punting last night. He kept the ball away from the returner but his kickoffs were questionable. McCallum is a wiley vetern that does alot of things well. On a short kickoff I'd take McCallum over anyone else in the league. He is still punting the ball well except for the occasional duff of the side of the foot. Still pretty acurate with the fieldgoals but he is starting to show his age. I liked what I saw out of Whyte and likely Pauls days are numbered but I wouldn't through him under the bus just yet.

Apparently the Riders have a new guy doing the kickoffs, I didn't catch his name but I thought he did a good job with the kickoffs. Congi is very weak at kickoff.

I don't like to say it but, I think it might be time to bring in someone for the kick offs as his leg seems to have lost a bit of oomph and with some cold weather games on the horizon that field position will mean even more.

He can still put the ball through the uprights though, no question, and there his experience in bad weather is golden.

Lions already do have someone who can handle the kickoffs.... Brent Anderson.... he did it in the past!!!

Did they get any TD's on those 2 bad kicks McCallum did when he kicked it out of bounds and gave it to them on the 45 yard line? Or did he give any field goals off those? If not, its all good :slight_smile: If so, he cost us the game :frowning: