What is going on.....

Why is Jamie Boreham warming up for fieldgoals.That sight of him warming up made my stomach turn...........

Myers was hurt and Jamie was flown in... he hasnt practiced in at least 3 weeks due to the mystery back injury and now he looks quite healthy.

Jamie is now 5-6 on his last 6 field goal attempts....the only one he missed in that run was a 47 yarder....barely....

His kick-offs are stong also!

He looks pretty confident right now....and it's good to know he can punt if needed also.....Fleming is doing better tonight though....

all in all a good effort by the whole team tonight so far....


Thanks for those numbers Mikey. Maybe Jamie just needed a little time to get hsi head straight. What ever he is really on his game so far today.
You gotta love how the whole team is coming together all fo a sudden in this game.

Thanks for those numbers Mikey
no problem!..I aim to please! (especially when it comes to kickers!....the coolest job in football!) :wink:

I hope we dont need him to kick a game winner,or should i say loser.

negativity is what we do not need… we get enough from other people we do not need it from ticat fans

it was Jamie's 47 yarder that kicked us into the playoffs in 2004.....

clutch kick! :thup:

(and he's got many more in him too!)

ITS 2006 now who cares what he did in 2004.It does nothing for us now.

Lets just hope Myers gets healthy soon.

You guys can hate our roster players all you want.....us "real" fans hang in with the team!....


real fans know a good kicker and Jami is not a good kicker



i agree with mi key 110 percent always a ticat fan no matter what go cats go

gee mikey... how was Jamie kicking a 47 yarder in overtime? because that was 'the kick that got us into the playoffs'

twas a good game.

i remember Jamie making a 47 yarder to win against Edmonton that year, but that was more mid season. (also he'd previously missed two attempts in that game)

just because I dont like a player means im not a fan.Wow excuse me for not liking a kicker who cant kick.

As far as special teams go FLEMING was the story last night.
Thankfully Boreham wasnt put in a position to screw much up so he was basically a non factor.

Glad to see Fleming responded to the pressure.