What is going on?

I am a huge fan of the CFL and will always cheer for my Lions. But I have been very disappointed with the league this year.

The Grey Cup game is way over priced and there's still what? Over 15,000 tickets still available in mid October?? Traveling to another city to watch the game is expensive as it is, the over priced tickets makes it even more so.

There's no hype, I've seen very little in the way of promotion. I belong to different CFL groups on Facebook and my concerns appear to be universally shared. We all thought the league and TSN would go all out promoting the Argo's at BMO field.....especially after Rogers did all it could to bury the team...but nope.

The Tailgating is a great idea but gets interrupted by things like the Molson Indy? This angered a lot of fans in Toronto and why wouldn't it? They get treated like they're not a priority.

The CFL is the second biggest pro-football league in the world. It has survived the WFL, the USFL, The World League of American Football, the XFL, NFL Europe and others.
Through it all, the CFL has remained, is uniquely Canadian, and we are about to play for the Grey Cup for the 104th year and there's no buzz. HOW is this possible? We were talking about Atlantic Canada two years ago and now we're back to trying to keep the Argos???

The league and TSN seem to have taken the CFL fans for granted. This needs to change and change now!

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Just to bad your first ( and perhaps only ) post is all negative. :roll:

No disrespect and I should not single you out.

However, I have seen this way to many times on this board.

A new member joins , posts all negative comments , then is never heard from again.

If you are legit, great to have a new member.

Yet, it is possible that you are a Bungle sock puppet.

I'm a real person and a real CFL fan. I follow the CFL and the BC Lions on Facebook and belong to a couple of CFL Facebook groups including one to keep the NFL out of Toronto.

My post isn't negative as much as it is panic. I want all the stadiums full, I want every Grey Cup game sold out, I want the Argos in Toronto and another team added to the East.

I've been a fan since I was a kid, I've seen the highest highs and the lowest lows from the ill advised US expansion to Ottawa coming and going from the league.

I do not get any sense of urgency from the league and like a lot of fans, I'm worried.

There doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency because there is none.

Toronto has very stable ownership - the richest in the league and the season ticket base has more than doubled. It had such a low starting point. Grey Cup is way overpriced, I have a theory why it is the case. But it will be a full house by hook or by crook. Take the later.

Montreal is stable. There were reports of a local group interested in buying the team. Wettenhal is not interested in selling so they're not going anywhere

Lions are for sale. 14 groups interested and it has been short listed to 5. Nothing will move forward on that front until the off season much like the Argos. Braley won't talk sale during the season.

No issues with any other team. Attendance may be flat, but ticket and overall revenues are more important.

The East is work in progress. Need a stadium. Always has been the issue. In the Atlantic Schooner thread, there's talk (behind a paywall) of a group in talks with Orridge about putting a team in Halifax and may have a stadium plan. Time will tell on that front.

TV ratings on the most part are up. The lows have been going against the Jays run, which is cyclical and the Olympics which are every 4 years and in the same time zones less frequent than that. Again it's not routine. All this with all games on a declining platform.

That is fine with me.

I offer my sincere apology.


It looks like Bungle.

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The problem is a very visible one in Toronto as the attendance has been poor and there have been a lot of empty seats. So yes that's a serious concern.

The poor Grey Cup sales in October is a real concern.

The lack of marketing is a real concern.

I love this league but we need to address these issues. I do not want the NFL in Toronto. I want the CFL to thrive and grow. The league needs to address these issues because ignoring them is not a solution.

I sincerely hope the Argos win today.

Thanks Brihind88

NFL in Toronto? That is something been talked about since the early 1970’s. Probably will still be bandied about in the 2070’s! :wink:

Argos are a bad BAD Team at the moment, if not for most of the year. Getting whooped by the Riders so far today!

I have been to two Grey Cup games in Toronto. Both were a bust, and you wouldn't even know it was Grey Cup week. Toronto should never hold another Grey Cup. City simply does care and are brutal hosts.

Holy crap every new person if they aren't all roses covered in a dusting of sugar are called Bungle. Not everyone can look at the world through rose coloured glasses. I got the same thing for the first two weeks that I was posting, Bungles Back... Firstly I wouldn't name myself Bungle!! Finally Red and White had to step up and tell folks that Bungle lived in another area or province from myself. Some people are realists and I for one see the Argos in deep trouble as well. Rich owners are the ones who hate losing money. It's all about the money game to them. I'm worried about the state of the Argos and league. Calgary is ripping it up and see all of the empty seats there yesterday?

We can't keep putting teams in smaller stadiums and think that oh well we can't draw 50 thou so let's hope for 30 thou. Oh wait let's close off sections and hopefully get 20 thou. If we get 15 thou it's ok. Come on that's not how you grow your league!!

You make very good points.

Also I accepted his sincere post and provided my apology.

Stick around for awhile and you'll understand. We have a troll(s) who creates an account, makes 1 post all negative to stir the pot then never posts again. Can't count the number we have had even this season.

People are naturally a little jaded here when it comes to the first post from a rookie.

Glad you are back Bungle. :wink:

Smart ass!!!!!