What is going on?

I thought Gilligan and his pregnant wife (Mary Ann or Ginger) had to leave for the States…Baby???Personal reasons???

Can't you guy's see it.. Looks like a passing of the torch. Daley Called it a rebuilding year, for us.

I wonder how much the Al's have been over spending to be dumping all that sallary....

YA with 20,000 seats they really overspend!
You do realise it becasue those players want too much money and the ALS are the only one who respect the cap :wink:

ro, stay credible buddy…

The Als have not complied with the cap any more than seven other teams. Only Ottawa tried to respect the cap and we’ve seen what kind of team it generated…

It is true however that Jim Popp usually let go players who demand too much. He stays out of bidding wars. That's why I was surprised to see him upgrade his offer to Karikari many times this winter. He must have been an important part of Popp's plan.

Speaking of Karikari, do you think Proulx could fill in Durden's shoes? How would you like such a backfield:

  • Ricky Bell, Matthieu Proulx, Richard Karikari, Greg Moss, Davis Sanchez.

The wink was there for a reason :wink:

The only caps in the CFL are the ones that coaches wear on their heads....

Third your lineup for the secondary has possibilities; only change I think I'd make is to switch Bell with Moss....put Moss on the corner and move Bell inside.

Watkins hasn't secured his position yet, but he did have a strong year. Let's not forget that he's still relatively young and it was his first full season with the Als. Sure, he dropped too many passes, but I'm confident he'll get better. Even without Vaughn, our receiving corps is quite dangerous with Cahoon, Stala and Anderson all comfortable in the system and Girard hopefully healthy and ready to reclaim his spot at weak-side wide receiver. The one thing we can take comfort in from the past few years is that though the receivers may change, A.C. remains productive. We lost two 1000-yard receivers last year, Copeland and Cavil, but still managed to have four 1000-yard receivers for a second consecutive year.

As for Proulx, I really like what he brings to the table. He plays all-out and has good cover instincts. I still don't think he'll see more than special teams duty this year because of our DB acquisitions, but it's very reassuring to have him waiting in the wings.