What is going on?

Now the Als have trades Vaughn!!!!!!! To Hamilton for a draft pick!!!!!

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ro, it gets curiouser and curiouser......what is Popp smoking these days? Surely Terry Vaughn is worth more than a late round draft choice....and to trade him to Hamilton of all places........they're going to give us a real run for the money this year. Oh well, maybe we can play 6 QBs at the same time, shotgun formation, and they'll never know which one is going to throw.......

I always have high praise for JIm Popp but I am starting to wonder!

Hasn't Jim Popp done enough for us to have a little faith in him yet? Last year everyone was criticizing him for bringing too many RBs to camp. Out of that came Robert Edwards. It seems every year he makes some moves that seem bizarre, and yet they always have a way of working out. Last season everyone said that one bad hitto Calvillo and our season is over. So this off-season they bring in some QBs to battle for the backup job. Just think, had Popp settled on only bringing 5 RBs to camp last year, Robert Edwards may not have been here. Sure Nealon Greene has had an up and down career up to now, but it can be argued that Calvillo had had an even worse career when he came over. A couple of years under Ham's tutelage and look what he bacame. Maybe the same can be said for Greene, a couple of no stress years as a back-up learning from one of the best in the league may be just the thing he needs to get his career on track. And maybe not. But if Jim Popp thinks that may be the case, I think I'm gonna out some faith in him. I think he's earned it from us Montreal fans.

I still have plenty of faith in him!
After thinging about it more Vaughn was really the 4th reciever last year. He got his 1000 yds but I think they went to him to keep his streak going.

And don't forget Stala will probably be ready for an even bigger role in the O this year, along with Thyron Anderson who will be here from the start of training camp. The Als probably couldn't justify paying him the high salary he earns to be a fourth or fifth receiver.

Still its a lots of QB behind AC. How many back up do we need ? As long its not hidding an AC trade....

And N.Greene for Curry, that one i have a problem with. Should have given a 6th round pick max for Greene....

I'm not loosing faith and hope though ! Go les moineaux go !

They wont keep them all Someone will get cut and My vote is for Greene

That would be my vote as well, problem being that it means we gave up Curry for nothing and that's not good business.

I can live with trading Vaughn....we do have an excellent receiving corps without him....but it troubles me that we just made Hamilton that much stronger. They could easily challenge us for first now if they gel in time.

The one guy who's probably most pissed about all this is Brady. When we signed him, the #2 job and heir-apparent spot were his for the taking. Now, since we signed him, we picked up Carter and now traded for Greene. Brady might not be a happy camper now.

Geez, Stala, Anderson, Cahoon, pretty good three-some there. Vaughn was maybe expendable (Contract? Salary Cap?) Maybe you'll get Stegal for Nealon. :wink: .....(I love stiring that one up with the Winnipegers!)

Funny how nobody ever mentions Kerry Watkins, who was the WR with the most receptions in the CFL last year (or was he second behind Tucker?)

It looks like no one has yet bought what Watkins is selling. I'm still not sold on him either.

Concerning Popp, I've got to say I am a bit worried by a few things... First, we sign Marcel DeBellefeuille, then Nealon Green ... dumdedumdedum (can't you hear the Jaws theme music?).

Also, the signing of too many QBs might just garantee the release of young guns like McBrien and Dinwiddie. We all know Greene and Brady aren't long term solutions, so not having enough room to adequately test the young QBs (precisely for whom the 3rd spot exists) may have us miss opportunities.

Then, the let go of Vaughn, Curry and Malveaux for a box of cooties seems as good a move as it was to cut Mark Megna last year to replace him by brutal no-brainer Mark Word. I was never fond of Malveaux, but you can still get better than a six round pick for a veteran. Can't you?

I forgot about Watkins. Maybe it because of the OT TD pass he dropped in the cup last year! I know it would not have counted but he still should have caught it!

So had I; something about him fails to impress me, can't put my finger on it.

That dropped pass....just imagine; we've all cut Calvillo some slack on an illegal throw...but if it had been legal, we'd have roasted Watkins for dropping it.

I don't know how you guys forgot Watkins (until 3-10 brought him up). He was your leading receiver in every category. He lead the league in receptions and was 3rd in total receiving yards. As far as Vaughn goes he was third in receptions in the league with 93. You don't throw to a guy that much to keep his streak going, he was definitely an asset out there.

You still have a great receiving corps but trading Vaughn away to a divisional opponent for very little in return might come back to haunt you.

The reason I am not sold on Watkins just yet is because he was treated like the go-to guy when there were no reason to do that. For at least the first half of the season, Calvillo has thrown about 50% of his pass attempts to him, sometimes almost snobbing Ben Cahoon.

I don't give Watkins (his due?0 credit because he had sooooo many opportunities. He was our leading receiver for receptions, but he also was our guy with the most dropped passes.

I don't know what makes Calvillo like a young guy this much. This is like O'Neil Wilson. That guy was supposed to be cut after his first training camp. But Popp said "Anthony told us we had to keep Wilson. When your star quarterback sees something in a receiver, you have to trust him."

I don't know how long we'll hold to Wilson, who basically do nothing except being a cover guy on special teams (and not a very useful one, must I add).

Fair enough third, you know your team better then I do.

I would love to see stats on how many dropped passes a receiver has and how many balls a qb threw were dropped. I know it would be a judgement call but so is errors in baseball.

You also have to remember that Watkins became the go-to guys once Girard got hurt on July 1st in Ottawa. I clearly remember an Interview with AC, that had a lot of expectations for Girard, but had to change plans 2nd game into the season.

Vaughn wasn't exactly the receiver we all knew from 10 seasons before when 2005 season started; He also had toe nail/foot problems earlier in the season.

IIRC, Cavil was out with arthroscopic knee surgery for 4-5 games.....

Anderson, can't remember if he was still in Saints TC.

Who were we left with?

Cahoon, Stala, Gilligan (this is a joke right....the guy was a starter for 1st game of 2005), Wilson, Diner…

That is probably why Watkins became the go-to guy…In no way I’m jumping on Watkins band-wagon, but the guy did the job for us...but also "dropped the ball" too many times when it meant something.

I would like to see Gilligan get a few more passes thrown his way

and the Skipper too? :lol:

Plus, Gilligan wasn't bad as a kick returner. That guy would never become a CFL star, but I do think he could play better football than the likes of McGarity or Kamau Peterson.