What is going on?

What is happening to this organization...?

this Moreno trade has sealed the deal....

fans are on here freaking out....im one of em....we just gave away a CFL-Star also the CFL leading tackler for a draft pick and a player we may never see in this league. Fans from other teams are coming on here and telling us...that they feel sorry for us and that the management just made a horrible mistake

Then there's the coaching carousel. We all know about that

i am beginning to think if this Franchise will ever get back on it's feet?

i mean who wants to be here now? its a mess....people are saying Moreno may have requested a trade....you all heard what Tom Canada thought of the team.....how r we going to sign any CFL Free agents this off-season? Nobody will want to come here....and any1 that does come here we will have to overpay.

Will coaches/Co-ordinators want to come here?

i cant see us re-signing any players as most of them will want to leave....Lumsden will be gone....and why would Setta want to re-sign?

and as for getting all of these first picks....i am sick of draft picks.....hell we drafted J.P Bekasiak in the first round and has he even started a game for us? Chris Bauman shows promise but still hasnt showed me that he has the talent of the very first pick....
and yes we now have the first 2 picks in the 2009 draft but it could take those guys 2 or 3 years(i cant wait another 2 or 3 years for this team to be successful) to develop...or they could just end up in the NFL or on the bench....or hey they could even get traded for more draft picks!!

If this team continues to lose....all hell is gunna break loose...can you just imagine.....just imagine...what the stadium will look like on October 24th? (last home game of the season) when we are completely out of the play-off picture at 2 or 3 or maybe 4 wins?

LESS THAN 10,000! its a possibility, Can you imagine what this would look like? theres no way there was 18,000 there on saturday....there was 15,000 at that most.

Just voicing my opinion folks.....

from a long time season ticket holder...a very very...very frustrated one

The Rough Riders/Gades didn't have a winning season for 30+ years. Suck it up!

What the heck? I can say the word s_u_c_k in here? LOL...

Wow what a moronic reply



the sask roughriders were garbage for a very very very long time too.
And theyve climbed out of that whole.

Maybe we’re freeing up more cap space…again.

LESS THAN 10,000! its a possibility, Can you imagine what this would look like?
8) Yep, I witnessed it many many times a few years ago !!
Official attendance was announced at 9,470 !!  Then they had the audacity to say "the Tiger-Cats thank you".  !!!            <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

I remember that.
Bill Kelly was the PA announcer.
And he stressed the word "you".

This team won't be able to survive with the on-field and off-field antics they're pulling, the fans have had enough, and for someone who hasn't missed a game in four years, I'm not even renewing my season tickets - this franchise is a joke, and until they can prove otherwise, people shouldn't go.

That's what Bob Young says too.

the franchise is a joke because they don't have a clear direction

-front office: they go inexperienced (Katz), then a little experience (Lancaster) then very experienced (Obie)

-coaching: we went CIS experienced (Marshall), loads of experience (Lancaster), former coach of the year (Taffe) back to CIS experienced (Bellfool)

-players: 2006: sign veterans 2007: young and inexperienced 2008: 30 new players, limitied upgrade in talent

I don't see how Obie is building this team for the future. We have very little veteran presence and on a guy or two above 30.

You need vets to teach the younger players coming up. Signing Armour would have been a step in the right direction. Signing Anderson would have been a smart move for the future.

Instead we sign bums from the USA who are cheap and are terrible. ie D-Line.

The receiving corps this year just baffles me. They rotate in so much no wonder no one can get on the same page as the QB. No consistency. Then on Saturday, I see Pat Woodcock on the sidelines the entire game and never got used once. He honestly has been very consistent for us when he actually get a ball his way.

This should be our starting receiving corps:
-Bauman WR
-Miles Slot
-Woodcock Slot
-Rodriguez WR

AND they should play the entire game and not sub every single down.

The franchise has no clue what the future holds and I don't know what their plan is. We have young guys who we "HOPE" to develop but this could take years. Do fans want to wait another 3-4 years before we start winning? At that time, their contracts will be up, want more money and bail.

How is BC so consistent for so many years? Let's go through their QBS:


Maybe its Buono? I think it's the system that they play and their scouting staff.

How do you explain the findings of Wake, Rasouli and Murphy?

Whoever plays for BC is successful. Same with SSK! They are on their 4th qb this year (Durant, Crandall, Jyles, Bishop) and are the best in the league.

What gives?

What can we expect next year? I expect 3 wins tops!

Then when Printers contract is up, he's gone and we'll use Williams. How much success will he have? No one knows.

This team could be a lot better with a pass rush and better pass blocking. Those 2 wins would be 4 at least.

Are we going to go after a good pair of rush ends this off season? Probably not, we'll try to plug in some cast off NFL player and sign some ones back up (like NML!)

Speaking of NML, why was he so successful in BC? Cuz he was a back up and rotated in and they have an amazing d-line.


But for some reason, the word shitty gets through the filters. :smiley:

Look, I know what your saying (btw, I cheer for Hamilton in the east, and is by far my second favorite team, I never miss a game). But every team goes through the rough spells, and since the dawn of time, every team’s fans ride that roller coaster.

Not too long ago, I crunched the entire leagues numbers to generate the Percentage of the number of Grey Cups a team has won in the years that they played. I won’t bore you with the long list (unless someone wants it, then I will post it). But here is a short summary of Hamilton’s numbers I came up with:

Team: Hamilton (Tigers, Alerts, Wildcats)
Years in League (since Grey Cup):99 (95 available Cups due to war 1916-1919)
Grey Cups appearances since club formation: 29
Grey Cup Wins Since club formation: 15
Percentile of GC appearances versus Team’s years in CFL: 30.53%
Percentage of GC Wins versus Team’s years in CFL: 15.79%

In short, only Edmonton has a better appearance percentile (37.29% of available GC’s), and better GC’s wins percentile (22.03%), and Toronto has a slightly better wins percentile (17.89%)

Basically, this means Hamilton is historically the second best team in the CFL. (Don’t forget longevity was factored out as this is based upon years won versus years played, so it don’t matter how old a certain team is).

My point is this. I don’t care what team it is, the historical century old record proves that every team goes through this, and it’s short lived (except for some reason Saskatchewan with 3.19% wins and 17.02 % appearances).