What Is Going On With Drew Edwards?

What is going on with Drew Edwards and the Hamilton Spectator? Is he still the Ticats beat reporter? or have they told him to stop covering the team and concentrate on 3DN? The long vacation is now well over and he was in the media scrum following last night’s game. Once again the game story in this morning’s Spec was written, as it has for most of this season, by Steve Milton. Milton writing most of the weekly stories and now Teri Pecoskie has jumped into the fold. Is this like the mysterious disappearance of Chris Schultz from the TSN panel?

Agreed. he’s gone AWOL. Not sure why its frowned upon to talk about it in these parts.

I don’t think it’s frowned upon but constant attacks and complaining about it (and because of his position he cannot defend these attacks publicly) just about amounts to cyber bullying.
If one is so concerned over his personal reasons for not living up to people’s expectations, then email him directly and ask what’s going on.

Calling him out on a public forum like a couple of very vocal critics have, is disgusting.

I agree 100%. The only thing I can think of is that he had an HR related issue which has kept him from writing about the Cats in the Spec. That is only speculation, but it seems to fit all of parameters about what is going on. If true, either his employer, or the team, would not be able to comment as it would be a privacy violation to do so.

Whatever has happened I hope it will be dealt with soon and that DE will resume his Ticat beat. IMHO his work has mostly been excellent since he started covering the team. 8)

Attacks? Wondering where the beat writer is and “complaining” that the team isn’t getting the coverage it deserves while he constantly writes about another team’s QB is fair game IMO.
No personal comments have been made, all above board professional questions.

Go back and read all the pointed wise cracks Onemoredork has posted on a bunch of threads about Drew and 3Down, then challenge me. Constant sarcastic and cutting comments over and over is an attack especially when the posted comment has nothing to do with the subject at hand other than 3Down and Drew have failed somehow.

I don’t agree with Drew shutting down the comments and making everybody pay for the mistakes of a few unruly posters. You’re gonna get that anywhere but when his solution is to pick up his ball and go home I’m reminiscing about the good ole days of Ken Peters when men were men and beat writers were actually beat writers.

If only there was some other website where you could comment about CFL football.

If Drew is no longer published in the Spec, would it not be the Spec’s choice and/or responsibility to make that known to its readers? Surely Drew couldn’t publish a statement saying, in effect, “I am no longer here?. If it was a planned departure, then, yes, it might have been nice to alert the readers.

Unfortunately, we are not privy to the Spec’s policlies regarding its reporters. In fact, I don’t know if Drew is a staff reporter, or a freelancer, paid by the published column. Anyone know?

stop noticing things, its cyber-bullying

Even assuming there is some reasonable explanation for Drew’s work (mostly) disappearing from the printed pages of the Spec, I found it surprising bordering on shocking that the paper had virtually no pre-LDC coverage almost all of last week. Lots of stuff in Saturday’s paper but only a couple of wire pieces Mon-Fri, and those had little or nothing to do with the Cats or the LDC.

The LDC is the biggest annual sporting event in Hamilton, and has been heavily covered/hyped by the Spec in past years, but this year crickets. If Drew isn’t working as a Cats beat reporter for the Spec any more, someone else should be assigned the role. If (as seems likely) that’s now Milton and he happened to be on vacation last week, then someone else (Pecoskie, Radley, whomever) should have been assigned to cover the Cats all week. I believe pre-LDC coverage would be of far greater interest to readers than the early happenings in Bulldogs camp, the only other local sports story covered ay any length last week.

:DExPat now has at least two posts in the running for “Post of the Year”

But back in the olden days we all would have had paid subscriptions to the newspaper. I don’t understand the constant criticism of something we get for free. Frankly, I’m with Lenny on this. Call the Spec if you have a problem with its coverage.

I actually find decent Cats coverage in the Toronto Sun lately.
Cats coverage in the Spec used to be my motivation to be a Spec subscriber, not anymore.

Sun coverage is excellent and reliable. Gets quotes out of Cat players Edwards can only dream about. Once in a while actually eyebrow raising.

Competition usually sparks improvement but this is Hamilton so…

Drew was tweeting during the game, but there was nothing post-game (interviews, etc). I wonder if his “super-long extended vacation” is turning permanent…

You have to pay to subscribe to the Spec online. You get a certain amount of free views before they shut you down

Unless you know how to get around that 1992 technology.

There is a way to get around that. They install a cookie in your system to detect when your limit is up. Go to Content Settings and delete the cookie and you can read all you want.

And I didn’t mind paying for a subscription before the Spec became a Leftist publication like the Star or Globe and Mail. It hasn’t seen my mailbox since they endorsed the Provincial Liberals in 2014.