What is going on? MLS/TFC both on CTV and TSN

Last year with the playoffs and the finals, some of us here deliberated ad naseum about the Americanization yet again of the mother CTV network with TSN or sometimes alone showing all other sporting events except the highly popular summer number 1 attraction being the CFL.
So flipping this afternoon, what the h... is going on when I see TFC in Colorado on both channnels.
With family and friends type TV numbers, yet again this is proof how the executives there have made a conscious decision to keep the CFL down a notch.
Before you think oh no there is nothing to it, last week it was the Masters being shown on the same two channels plus a third being the CBS feed.
I sure hope during the next contract how Randy will come down hard on this matter, to get at least the playoffs and GC being simulcast.