What is goin on with Brandon Banks

Went home.

Was thinking that. Extended bye week. Still odd he didn't hang around to watch his team.
Of course there's a million reasons he could have went home.
Wonder if anyone here can find him or his family next game and ask him?

Probably still in full pout mode. He's earned some leeway. For now.

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The CFL has put in a rule that only active players and staff are allowed on the field this season to reduce possible CV19 contact. This is why no giant Canadian flag, no Pigskin Pete, etc.

I’ve noticed two exceptions to this rule in Hamilton. First, the dance team has gone on the field the last game or two (maybe only pregame and at halftime when the rest of the field was clear), and second Masoli or Evans when they’ve been injured. I’m not sure why the exception for injured QBs, but it seems to be the only non-active player on the field.

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I have always seen him as the best of the best, but the legs and the body are the first things to show signs this a young guys game.
One takes a lot of punishing hits in pro football... they start to catch up to the guys that have had long careers.

You know I think you’re correct. I think it was the labour day game where they were all in the end zone prior to the game then all filed into the south stands.
Good call👍

I did like the conspiracy theories though😆

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I've seen lots of guys on the sidelines in team track suits and hands in their pockets all year. Those aren't coaches nor trainers. If that's the rule then there are a LOT of exceptions.

In Hamilton? Don’t think so. My seats are right behind the Ticats bench. Only Evans that I could see .

If Speedy has been vaccinated, we could just ask Bill Gates where he was during the game. This is crucial information!

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Its the norm in Sask to have 75 "injured" players that cycle in and out of practice any given week.

The rest of the league the Injured players are much more easily identifiable.


Chris Jones is long gone. Keep up with the times. If you're worried about that happening again, keep tabs on Toronto (I wouldn't be surprised).

They are sneaky over there. I hear CFL 3.0 is actually an MLSE sponsored cloning program so Argos can have identical doubles made of all key players. Guys get injured or tired, whisk them secretly off under the stands then their clone subs back in 5 minutes later completely fresh.

You know you might be on to something. After only 4 days rest the Argos looked a hell of a lot more fresh in the 4th quarter than we did. :thinking:

The answer is Body Snatchers . Donald Sutherland knew of this years ago . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


You're thinking of Robert A. Heinlein's "The Puppet Masters": The Puppet Masters (film) - Wikipedia


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This is from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

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That's an iconic scene.

It is actually a remake of a 1956 film.

That was HEAVILY influinced by Heinlein's book that came out four years earlier: The Puppet Masters - Wikipedia

That kind of stuff is right up my alley. I'm going to have to check out the Puppet Masters. Interesting that Donald Sutherland is in both films.

Thanks for the recommendation. :+1:

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