What is goin on with Brandon Banks

This guy was the MVP of the league in 2019. He was the quarterbacks dream receiver and every defensive backs nightmare!!! He never let down and played with an intensity that spread through the rest of the team. This year , 2022, the first 2 games he was not really a factor , gets injured , and when he comes back , he is not targeted , and at times I even wondered if he was still injured or even on the field. I hardly heard his name at all , and this is the Brandon Banks we as fans know. Something is not rite here. If they want to win, they need to involve him in the offense.
It was like this just before, June Jones ,took over and guess who the offensive coach was at that time . I think same guy as today. I would love to hear something about Brandon , but I don't hear anything at all.


Stefan Ptaszek is back as our OC??

[quote="ExPat, post:2, topic:73733"]

Stefan Ptaszek is back as our OC??

[/quote I said and I quote I think, which means , I may be wrong , but it is not really important to the subject I am referring to so I please ask you, not to be sarcastic .
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Watched Bank's body language during last game and he seems to flip between frustrated and disinterested. I don't think he has faith in this offence anymore.

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I remember seeing that exact same look and body language in the final weeks of the Austin era back in 2017 . To be honest if I didn't know any better and if I actually wasn't at the game I would've thought that Banks wasn't dressed for it . Either that or he was dressed up as a ghost or perhaps the invisible man .


At that point in 2017 the whole team had that body language. :sunglasses:


Yup . :pleading_face:


He's gotta be hurting. He hasn't made a play all year.

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Too bad there's no beat reporter. The "unnamed sources from within the locker room" quotes would be coming out daily.


If you want a serious answer, here you go. Speedy B's underperformance is due to some combination of the following:

a) Our offence has been underperforming generally in all facets. No one has looked as good as they did in 2019.

b) The offensive roster has been somewhat of a revolving door, making it difficult to establish continuity or chemistry.

c) On the basis of (a) and (b), our coaches appear to be calling far fewer intermediate-to-long-passes in favour of short plays that do not showcase Speedy's abilities.

d) As you said, Speedy was injured. We don't really know if he is now at 100%, 90%, etc.

e) Other teams may have been devoting extra attention to Speedy on the assumption that he is our most dangerous weapon.

f) Speedy is getting older, left the 2019 Grey Cup with an injury, and may be slowing down.

The real question is how much of a role each of these factors has played.


It's D and F. Probably mostly D.

The answer is mostly C)

Deep routes take longer to develop. There's no time for that. When he's given a Fly Sweep they are poorly executed since the blocking is not there.

It is really sad to see Speedy's talent being completely wasted in what is likely his last couple of seasons.


thanx for your post ExPat I agree , and one other thing might be he is not happy with it, and not happy with not winning the cup , but I dont think thats Brandon . One way or another he needs to be given the ball down field to make plays .

Yeah I would of preferred them to use banks on punt returns after Williams left the game over Ungerer since banks knows how to get past defense, banks was only Used during the one punt returns, Ungerer was used for the others after Frankie Williams left injured. Though seemed to me Williams leaving the game could of been precautionary since he seemed fine standing / walking around on the Sideline.

That more than anything tells me that Banks is still hurting. If he was 100% there's no way that you use the kid Ungerer over one of the all-time electric punt returners.

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Agree , especially when I was at past games when banks had multiple touchdowns .

Or at least getting him the ball in space early enough for him to make people miss...

Banks has to be banged up. You don't go from electric to this without an injury. I was really dissapointed when he bobbled the missed FG at the end of the 1st half. I thought that might be a chance to show his stuff.

This being said even though Banks is fast the Oline this past week was not giving enough MISSISSIPPI's to get open deep.

I think we will see better things from Banks in the coming weeks resembling his old self.

When it comes to MISSISSIPPI'S this O-Line usually barely makes it to MISS .


The new coach switched them to STEAMBOATS, which seem the same same but actually have half the syllables.