What is DeAngelis' problem?

Okay, I never liked this guy because of his dancing and running off the field and waving his teammates off with him after a game winning kick but his press conference takes the cake.

WAAAA! I didn't win Special Teams player! I deserved it! WAAAAAAAAAAA!

START PUNTING THEN YOU CAN TALK! Be a complete player and not a whiney jerk!

I'm sure he's losing sleep over what you think :roll:

not his fault
he is acting like a stampeder (CLassless)


Lol i love it first this team does everything to make everyone but there hometown fans not respect them. Then when they finally prove themselves and make it to the Grey Cup they just keep whinning. Did Kevin Glen complain last year when he didn't win? no he took it like a man, but once again Smilin' Hank just couldn't smile, and had to cry. and don't even get me started on Sandro, this guy has to be the most over confident, full-of-themselves, person iv seen. I bet he has a wall sized portrait of himself in his trailer.

But alas congrats Stamps fan's

LOL, too funny, I think the name of this thread should be changed to "disgruntled sore loser whiners" thread, all jealous of the Stamps and their success. Sandro went 50-58 this year and kicked 5-5 in the GC including a 50 yarder. Burris did win the big one and went 7-0 against the 2 other best teams in the league. Who cares if they voiced their opinions on no Stamps winning on awards night. It their right, just like you have the right here, on this forum to continue whining and sniveling.

Games over, seasons over, get over it already.

It obviously was something they rallied around.

Just like Team Canada rallying around the rumouring that the American team was stepping on their flag in women's hockey, or Team Canada rallying around Gretzky's comments on the int'l reffing.

Might not be the most sportsmanlike but in the heat of the win I'm sure they were simply repeating the comments they made before the game, just adding "and tonight we came out and did that" at the end.

I guess its not just Lions' fans who cant win with some class... and some Stamp players as well.. they won the big game, but D'Angelis just cant shut his yap about not winning most Outstading Canadian. Sandro, let your performance in the big game do your talking for you. Henry won with class for the most part, and again let the game you just played silence your critcs. Why can't you just say, good game Als. Instead some just have to show poor sportmanship.... shame on you... :thdn:

Good point.

We sit in a room watching the game, allowing our thoughts to collect in our heads. Of course we can all rhyme off the correct answer to anything that happens in live TV! Just think of the thoughts running through all the players heads... easy for them to say something that they would rather have back.

Let's be honest, he has 50 yards of reason to make his point... a fantastic FG!

stats are down now but if i remember congi had a better percent, and he didnt win either so hush. and if i remember Anthony also had a better QB rating, so hush

Although his comments weren't exactly sportsmanlike I kind of like his honesty. He said he's selfish and he wanted to win both. It kind of gets boring hearing athletes say the same thing over and over, "individual awards don't matter" etc. Also it's good to see a kicker get excited once in a while. What better time to get excited than during Grey Cup?

After saying all of this, if he acted like this after every game it would get old fast.

k guys hate all you want. right now the stamps can say anything they want. sandro whined about not getting special teams player and went ina booted 5 field goals in the big game. think he pleaded his case just fine there.

and as for burris ya he was upset he didn;t get MOP who wouldn;t be? but then he goes with the name choker on his mind and carried his team for 320+ passing yards and 79 rushing to win the show. he clearly displayed how better of a qb he was then calvillo this year. so again over 400+ yards in the big game with the whole league calling hima choker. ya stepped up and pleaded his case.

In all rights both of them can whine all they want about not getting an award because they showed the league that they were clearly the better players.

and has for smiling hank crying. you could clearly tell that the title ment the world to him. he has been a fantastic starter for 9 seasons. probablt the best over all qb in his time frame the league has had. strong, durabile, passionate, and a heck of a leader. he broke through, silenced the critics and played a great game. for him thats what it was all about, he tears were truly of over whelming joy. if you think other wise your just an cam crybaby that it wasn;t your qb.

LOL hes not a punter and he does not have to prove his worth does he. By the way you got that basement decorated with yellow and black.

Same old actors and they will not be going on stage to collect anything but a bottle of Whine for their performances. Just remember Calgary Stampeders 2008 Grey Cup Champions**

In answer tothe topic "question"..I don't think Sandro has a problem. I respect individuals that call a spade a spade. With his Italian anscestry, it isn't easy to forget..trust me I know. Looking back over the season, knowing that the Stamps are the 2008 Champs, it does look rather odd now that the Stamps didn't garner more all star nods or any awards. But I guess, since the Stamps team: all 3 aspects..Offense, Defense and Special Teams, played a sound game, they can be happy that they have an All Star Team rather that a team with All Stars. And to the poster who belittled Burris for his emotions after the game, forget it. You have not walked in his shoes, and its nice to see professional atheletes like Burris, DeAngelo, Lewis,Copeland..etc get so emotional about the game and win. Unlike some super stars that are so cool . It certainly shows how much this win means to them. There fore: all is good.

Congrats To the West and The Stamps for keeping the cup out West!! Can't wait for next season!!!

lol so I guess all the teams in the west are the same, because the 'riders sure ain't gonna fool anyone of being classy!

But I do agree, then again, I don't mind what DeAngelis is doing. You're allowed to talk the talk if you can back it up, until someone puts you back in your place.

If he is so good then why doesn't he punt? Why does Calgary have to use a roster space on a punter! Real kickers in the CFL place kick and punt. Be a complete kicker then you can win the special teams award.

I luv the cracks about the Ticats. So we are in the basement. Wait until Calgary falls from grace, again, and barely getting 20K people and then we can talk again.

There are sore losers and sore winners and I hate to say it, the Stamps and a select few of their fans are sore winners. You won. Congrats! Act like you've been there before.

This is why I wanted the Als to win so badly. AC would have been happy that he won the Grey Cup. Same with Cahoon and the rest of the team. They wouldn't have rubbed it in the faces of anyone.

ACT LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE! It's okay to be happy but geez, have some respect for those around you.

…pffft, what’s YOUR problem?..

I can't believe the BS I'm reading here.

some of you guys need to grow up and have some respect for people!

you truly are despicable

Now if was amazing he'd play quaterback and wait for it....reciever!

Honestly I don't get your jist.

What did we do that isn’t classy? Besides that January thing, if its even true, ill say it is just to give u something to work with. Oh ya i forgot Mo Llyod knocked your QB the F out. pretty classless i would say :rockin: :cowboy: