What is Copeland's situation exactly?

Hey Stamps fans,

I'd just like to know what exactly is up with Copeland's contract. A few questions:

Is he entering his option year or is he a free agent?

Now that you guys have Big Bo back, what do you think Stamps management will do with Cope?

And where do you think he'll end up if he doesn't return to the Stamps?

Not sure on his contract status - my hunch is option year, but I'm really not sure. He's been with us for 2 seasons now.

Higgins apparently just told Cope not to worry about Boerigter coming back, but words don't necessarily mean all that much ...

Canuckev I believe his contract was extended. Cope is going no where neither is Lewis. Thurmon on the other hand I think is the disruption among the receivers.

Burris is sure going to have some nice targets in 2007. I just hope Boreigter can still play!

Don't worry about Boerighter, I predict he will have a great season.

My gut feeling is that Copeland will not be in Calgary next season. Coach Higgins has made it fairly clear that he is tired of the 'showboating' and Copeland did not put up the numbers last year, to back up the act. I can't see Copeland and Lewis both staying and Lewis is too good a talent. Look for Copeland to end up somewhere else.

I think Lewis showd he is a better receiver than Copeland. Lewis, Rambo, Boerichter will be your core receivers.

Copeland might be in charge of "Dance Classes" for the Calgary Stampede Square Dancing competetion!

I find it funny that you sportsman and cfleskns fan would make the statments you made. The problem is that Cope may not have had a banner year catching the balls but he did make an impact with coverages. Yes his show boating got old quickly much like cflesksfan's posts. But when it comes down to it many CFL teams would love to have Copeland on their team. Again he is going no where. No Thurmon put him on a slow Greyhound back to Riderville!

…rw’05 I defer to your inside knowledge then because if I were a betting man I’d put money on Copeland being somewhere else come training camp…but you have an inside edge that has proven true in the past…

RW2005, I thought Copeland let you guys down. I think Rambo and Lewis made clutch grabs when the Stamps needed it most. Getting Boerichter will be a very big boost to your offense. That might make Copeland expendable. Who knows, I may be wrong, I guess time will tell.

Well if Higgens is ticked at Copeland he has a funny way of showing it as they play Santa together going from Stamp fans house to Stamp fans house bearing gifts. I think it is more of a wish by fans other then stamp fans. The guy is a very good receiver that creates opennings for other receivers because defenses key on him. Again the media hype is putting more to this then anything else. Unless Copeland is traded he will be in a Stamp jersey next season.

I Agree with the whole Santa thing. I doubt Cope would be doing that stuff if he wasn't staying in Calgary.

Besides Copeland is still the veteran leader of that receiving core. Lewis has a lot more talent but he is still relatively new to the league. Rambo showed some promise in 2006 as well. Thurmon should find a position on the defence as he drops way too many balls. Wouldn't mind seeing him out of Calgary.

I agree Thrumon dropped passes not only for the Stamps but when he was in Regina. Also I feel since his arrival their is a bit of problems between Burris and the the other receivers. If you recall the Burris - Rambo argument it seemed there was some dressing room problem after that. I think Burris wanted to throw to Thurmon more then his prime targets. Hopefully that will change with Cortez. But the problem is no one gives Copeland credit for what he does (no not showboating) but he draw attention to the defenses. I believe the media is blowing this way out. Copeland is a good receiver just maybe put Thurmon on defense then he can catch and drop balls all he wants.

Now I'm really PO'd, they were going around handing out gifts and I didn't get one. Next thing you'll be telling me that there is no Santa Clause.

I stand by my opinion that Copeland won't be on the Stamps roster next season. The numbers simply dictate that the Stamps will likely have to release 2 of their existing receiving corps. One to make room for Boerighter and one to allow for a younger talent with less of a hit to the 'cap'. IMO the 2 who likely won't be around are Thurmon and Copeland. Thurmon for the reasons already noted and Copeland because of the remaining import starters, he is the one most expendable.

As I have previously stated Lewis has by for the greatest up-side, talent speaking. I don't think many would dispute that.

Copeland and Higgins playing Santa together is hardly assurance that Mr. Copeland will be around next year or in Coach Higgins good books, it is a PR exercize. Thurmon could play the Easter Bunny this year but it won't give him a spot on the roster either.

Finally, look for the Stamps to take a more business like approach this year and for Boerighter to immediately step into a leadership role with the team.

I will be waiting patiently to get my gift but I want mine delivered by the guy who IMO was the Stamps MVP this year, my Pisanno, Sandro.

Under Cortez they will be more business like. They will not get rid of Copeland for a lesser unknown sorry. Look for Calgary to deepen its Canadian talent though this year. Thurmon will be the receiver out in my opinion. Like I said Copeland causes the defenses to key on him openning other receivers. If Coper is delivering so PR that must mean he has some assurances from his HC> Sorry CFLesks I know how much you would like to to see Cope;and in Edmonchuk but not going to happen. The Eskies however will be releasing many of their old aging tired receivers. Tucker maybe the only guy up there that is safe.

Interesting, although this is a Stamps site I will respond.

First, the chances of Copeland ending up in Green and Gold are vitually non-existant. In fact there is about as much chance of that as there is of Thurmon actually being the Easter Bunny.

As for the Eskimos "aging" receiving corps. Using your logic, Copeland then must be really over the hill, because he is older all the Eskimo receivers with the exception of Hervey. Tucker is the second oldest wide receiver at the advanced age of 30, Mookie Mitchell is actually the oldest however he is listed as a slotback. Not that it matters but receivers were not the Eskimos problem, O-line and D-secondary were.

I have a feeling Copeland will be with the Stamps next season, but on a very short leash. He has apparently not lived up to his salary this past season, and if this continues I could see him being traded or let go shortly into the season. And I wouldn't want his showboating ass on the Eskimos! He'd spend more time running laps around Commonwealth and trying to "bobsled" with his teammates, than he would catching balls.

Ha ha ha You eskimo fans take missing the playoff's pretty good. Aging receivers that see many of schmoes receivers played much worse then Copeland yes it could be because the Oline was bad. But really the only people that posted that Copeland did not live up to his salary are you schmoe fans. Funny is it not. Right now I am sure Copeland would not want to be on an Eskimo team after all they did not make the playoffs. If I were an Eskie fan which that would never happen. I would again focus on that sorry team of yours. The Stamps will be fine under Cortez's leadership. As far as Copeland is concerned he will be staying put in the greatest city in Alberta. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well all I know is that if he's gone Stampeders are done that's your main Receiver right there.

well, other than nik lewis and mark boerigter of course...

Cope will be back and playing! The only ones that do not want him back are fans that cheer for other teams why is that?