What is CFL class?

Class is playing both the United States and Canadian national anthems at all CFL games even though there are no teams based in the United States at this time (but the key players are Americans).

This would be a good version (with an entire orchestra) to play at the Grey Cup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_lCmBvYMRs

Followed immediately by this (with Celine Dion doing the vocals with a huge orchestra): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABGW92k2zU4

I always liked this rendition especially when I'm under the influence (beer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNvj2kaVD7g

no thank you

do they play the Canadian anthem in USA arenas when both NHL teams are based in USA?


I will second a big NO thank you to this.

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They do not, but it would be cool if they did.

They play the O Canada in Buffalo even if it's 2 US based teams but that caters to a significant part of their season ticket base and sponsors

I did not know that. The anthems are skipped during a commercial break so it's a mystery to the TV audience.

Is that in reference to the Buffalo Bills or the Buffalo Sabres?

For the Sabres. In their home opener, they televised the anthems and the announcers made mention of it.

Not sure if the Bills play both but wouldn't surprise me if they did.

No that's fine. the games are in Canada and both teams are Canadian based.
If its honoring the anthems of the players on the teams, what do you do with the global players anthems if there are on the game day lineup?

Being that pro leagues are not international sports federations, as much as I like to hear our anthem, I would rather hear no anthems than additional ones.

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Bonus points go to land-based neighbors and percentage of players in the league.

That would mean just Canadian and American anthems.

The United States has missile based systems on Canadian soil to shoot down a hostile ICBM attack, etc. That alone means both countries should honor each other.

Missiles, shmissiles. No US anthem and all the controversy it brings.

they can take their missiles and .......

I dont think so, and if they did, its to protect themselves and because they don't want the debris to fall in US soil

What is with you an anthems?

He just likes starting up nonsense threads.

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…you’re thinking of the DEW line which was a joint CRAF/USAF radar system, it most definitely did not contain missiles…those were in bases completely on US soil strung out along (and entirely south of) the border…

It’s not like these teams or players are representing their county as in international competition, don’t see why any venue should play any anthem but their own.

They both sound tough. Both anthems give me goosebumps. It's a great selling point when it comes to entertainment. Entertainment is what the CFL is all about.

buy the records. Play them every day at home.

Personally I would rather hear Kate sing God Bless America (cause that is us too) and KD Lang sing Hallelujah

Most of them today warp and mess up the anthems, some quite bad

yes they do, always in the NHL and always in the NBA when the Raptors are playing on the road
We went to Tampa for a Lightning game and Canadian national anthems were played even though no Canadian team. About 10 years ago I was at a game in St Louis vs Minn. and they played both.

why would you want this??