What is a fair expansion draft for Ottawa?????

By 2010 or 2012 Casey Contract will be done..
Maybe Ritchie will be our Starter

Ottawa should only be allowed one Import and one Non-Import from each team. There are plenty of capable QB's and RB's that will come out of the NCAA, and heck, they could use local guy Joshua Sacobie as a backup. With the first overall draft pick, they should be able to get a half decent player, and i think they should get another pick in the middle of the round. The rest needs to be done through scouting.

Now you're talking....We need to take a hard line
on this expansion draft if we want to keep our
team in tact.

Mark Cohon has already said that any expansion draft is covered by the CBA. It's not something anyone can make up. It's already done.

Now, if the CBA runs out before Ottawa comes back in, then that's a different story.

I found this elsewhere on the net:

The last Ottawa expansion resulted in existing clubs losing one import player each, with the newcomers selecting 11 Canadians and five draft picks. Existing teams kept two active roster quarterbacks, seven Canadians and nine imports on confidential protected lists.

If this is true then the CFL should stay far away from Ottawa. I am so sick of hearing of city X NEEDS a winning team.

This is sports people. You can have the most entertaining game ever and one team will still LOSE!

Only one team ends the season with a win.

Get over it and learn to be a real sports fan.

I say don't give them Anything.... We all know they're going to fold in a couple of years anyway.... Giving them a team is a waste of time.....


Any more comments?

What would make sense is an expansion draft that is harder on the best teams in the league. A team shouldn't get kicked in the teeth when it's down by losing some of their better, or up and coming players. I'd stick to this belief even if the cats had an amazing record and won the cup, it would only be fair that we lose more players for the good of the league.

Though I agree every single team should be able to protect 1 QB. And say, they could trade in x number of non-QB protected player options if they really wanted to protect another QB.

give them the first 8 picks, in the cfl draft- give them equal op to sign cfl free agents, and any import free agents they can find. , so as Not to delete current cfl rosters. IMHO

My answer: whatever expansion draft mechanism is in the CBA, so be it. :wink: No more than that. Period.

Re QBs: each established team should be able to protect two QBs re the event of injury. What could be done is that each existing team would be required to surrender either one QB or two other offensive skill position players from their neg list to compensate for the second protected QB.

How that works - either Ottawa getting to scour neg lists or having teams disclose those surrendered players to Ottawa -- is an interesting issue. Neg lists are usually close-to-top secret re the armchair intelligensia around here, so that is a bit of detective work at the best of times. Teams don't usually like to broadcast their neg lists beyond who needs to know (i.e. the league).

Oski Wee Wee,

Certainly Ottawa should get a multiple amount of draft picks for their first CFL draft, I agree. I think that the principle that the Rough Riders Mach Two (or Three, if you prefer) should be competitive has to balanced with the idea that teams do not need to have their rosters stripped of prime talent that they themselves would have been developing. I'm not sure about giving them the first eight picks, but four sounds eminently reasonable, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

every team protects 1 QB, 3 offensive players and 3 defensive players and 3 canucks. 1 special teams player. thats it.

ottawa then goes and picks 1 player from each team offensivly, then 1 player defensively.

then every team can protect 3 more players, then ottawa goes thu again.

hamilton protects; 1 QB ( Printers ), 3 offensive players (Miles, Armstead, Bauman ), 3 defensive ( Moreno, Bekasiak, Mckay-Loescher ) 3 canucks ( Lumsden, Mariuz, Gauthier ), 1 special teams ( setta )

ottawa takes; frank murphy, jamacia jackson.

hamilton then protects 3 more.

big deal! you’d still have all your key guys.

Back then Ottawa was to get 2 Canadians and 1 import from each team. But 1st year Canadians were exempt as well as free agents. That left the cupboard pretty bare for the 2nd round of Canadians, so Ottawa was allowed a teams 2nd round pick if they didn't think what was left was worth drafting. That's how Tillman ended up with the 5 2nd round picks (most didn't turn out). Fortunately they were able to sign some free agents to make up for the scarity of talent in the draft.
I believe they were also allowed to pick a couple of players from each teams negoitation list.

The league needs to come up with a better way to stock Ottawa this time. I would suggest allowing Ottawa to start more imports to begin with and then phase more Canadians in over three years. Second string QB's available is also a must.

I still strongly disagree with making the
second string QB's available to OTTAWA.
If your first string QB gets injured,
you're finished.It's a must to have a
good backup QB, look what happened to
Winnipeg in the Cup.

I still feel the pain from that season after the poor Ottawa Renegades took two of our starting O lineman and the Argos "leached" out and bribed Ivory ,then losing Vaughn to the poor Renegades !!!

Who got screwed the most that year?...The poor Renegades ,I don't think so.

This really shows Cohons lack of CFL experience.

He's a smooth business guy and therefore suits the job amongst the other suits.

The only ones getting screwed here are the Ottawa owners for paying millions of dollars to get into the CFL again.

I'm happy for them ,but I think they should be allowed to start a negotiation list especially full of QB prospects for a few years down the road when they enter the league.

No way they should get our second QB ,and guess who they would take a QB from? A team in the Western conference or a team from the East?

They'll take a QB"s from divisional opponents,thus hurting that teams chances of competing later in the season ...eh!

Damn the Argos!

For everyone who's all upset at the possibility of only protecting 1 QB, think about Ottawa's position. Even if they take three #2 QB's from other teams, does that mean that they have even ONE starting quality QB?

It's a quarterback driven league and they will need to have one. So what if all the 2nd string QBs are available? They aren't the starters for a reason, no matter how much potential they have. Let Ottawa give the second stringers a shot, and they'll have to live with the growing pains of developing a QB.

An expansion draft never works. No matter what rules are put into play. The only time it worked was in the NFL with Jacksonville and Carolina who both went to their Conference Championship games in their second year. I don't know what the rules were but they made sure they changed it when Cleveland came back.

In general, the drafts usually state you can protect X amount of players and for each player taken from your team, you get to protect 1 or 2 more.

Let's be realistic, the guys who aren't protected are either overpaid and an easy way for their current team to get rid of them or they just aren't that good. Yes, there are "diamonds in the rough" but no one is going to give you stars without paying a price.

What they need to do is let Ottawa start drafting players a year before they start to build a base (only stipulation is that they have to go back to school for 1 more year and only if the player is willing) and let them put NFL players on their negotiation list.

This way they are ahead of the game. The problem now is that we don't know when they are even going to come back! Nothing can happen!

Ottawa is going to be a loser for 5 years before any flicker of hope. After that many years, no one is going to remember anybody they drafter from another team.

Exactly ,this will help them more than just the expansion draft!

Commishioner Cohon,run with this one !