What is a fair expansion draft for Ottawa?????

Quote" cohon said it is important for ottawa to be competitive from the start"
"the ottawa fans will not tolerate a weak team"
" the draft was not fair for the renegades last time"

Really...You mean that they had to play trial and
error like the cats have need doing the last 4 or 5
years until they put together the right team.
Ha thats to bad!

Does this mean that the cfl will only let the teams
protect only one QB per team. ???

What do you think about the subject???

The current CBA dictates how an expansion draft is to occur.

I don't know the details.

One QB is plenty to protect. You can't expect an expansion team to count on someone's third stringer.

We lost Matt Robichaud, Seth Dittman, Carl Coulter in the previous expansion draft.
2 starting "O" lineman kinda hurt.
If I remember Ottawa also signed Gerald Vaughn as a FA.

That off season the Cats also lost Montford, Ivory and Mike M to the Argos, Corey Grant left, Jason Lamar MLB left, Philbrick retired....oh I wonder how that season went???

They may change the way the expansion draft
is done. It seems the last time it was done
ottawa didn't like it.

We spend two or three years developing a
second stringer to succeed the starter, not
just to be picked off by a expansion team.


Let them develop their own QB or buy one
like we did for printers.

I think they should be allowed to take back any player who was on their roster when they folded :wink:

Who are the players from Ottawa that are on the Ticats now?

It is not so easy.
We traded the 1st pick for Corey Holmes and Sask 1st round Canadian draft pick.
Holmes was then flipped for Armstead.
The only other guy I remember we took was their punter who played for a season with Boreham.

Somehow I don't think the Argos will go for that--they just got Kerry Joseph. :wink: Still, I think Ottawa needs to be competitive from the get-go for the franchise to succeed so I'd go for a pretty aggressive expansion draft. Say the current teams could protect half their Americans and half their Canadians and for every player they lose to Ottawa, they get to add one more guy to their protected list. Another failed franchise in Ottawa would be a PR disaster for the CFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

I say that the draft should be based on
the team standings from the previous year.
If you won the grey cup say you make 20
players available,second place 18 players,
third place 16 players etc etc.But each
team must supply at least one player for
every postion and half must be canadian.

This is fair to the weaker teams.
. ( the numbers may not be correct just an

That's why I made the suggestion, BF..lol

I hate the expansion draft.

Courtesy of Wikipedia, here's where the Renegades went to when they folded.

An Argo-Cat fan

A dispersal draft of Renegades players was held on April 12, 2006. The results of the draft are shown below. Undrafted players whose rights belonged to the Renegades became free agents.

3 - Donnie Ruiz DB (drafted to Saskatchewan)
4 - Kerry Joseph QB (drafted to Saskatchewan)
6 - Jason Kralt LB
7 - Brad Banks QB (drafted to Winnipeg)
9 - Greg Bearman S (drafted to Hamilton)
13 - Mark Irvin K
16 - Pat Woodcock WR (drafted to Edmonton)
20 - Gilles Lezi RB (drafted to Hamilton)
21 - Bo Rogers CB
22 - Da'Shann Austin DB
24 - Korey Banks CB (drafted to B.C.)
25 - Sean Bennett RB (drafted to Toronto)
27 - Quincy Coleman DB
27 - Greg Moss DB (drafted to Montreal)
28 - Pat Fleming P (drafted to Hamilton)
32 - Crance Clemons DB (drafted to Calgary)
33 - Cory Hathaway WR (drafted to Saskatchewan)
35 - Sean Weston DB (drafted to B.C.)
37 - Dave Donaldson DB
39 - Gerald Vaughn LB
42 - Robert Grant LB/DB (drafted to Winnipeg)
46 - Cam Yeow LB (drafted to Calgary)
100 - Martin Gagnon LB
48 - D'Wayne Taylor LB (drafted to Montreal)
53 - Ray Jacobs DE
54 - Morris Unutoa OL
56 - Keaton Cromartie DE
57 - Val St. Germain G (drafted to Winnipeg)
58 - Pascal Cheron OT
63 - Mike Sutherland OL
65 - Ibrahim Khan OL (drafted to Winnipeg)
67 - Jean-Francois Roy OL
69 - Johnny Scott DL
75 - Marc Pilon DL (drafted to Toronto)
80 - Yo Murphy WR
82 - Markus Howell WR (drafted to Calgary)
83 - Darryl Ray SB
84 - Robert Quiroga WR
86 - David Azzi WR (drafted to Toronto)
88 - Jason Armstead WR (drafted to Saskatchewan)
90 - Matt Kirk DL (drafted to B.C.)
93 - Kai Ellis DL (drafted to Montreal)
94 - Adrian Baird DL
95 - Cameron Legault DL (Drafted to Winnipeg)
97 - Anthony Collier DE (drafted to Edmonton)
99 - Jerome Haywood DT
47 - Arden Seeley WR (drafted to Winnipeg)

That settles it. I stand by my original decision. They can have any one of those guys that they want back.

Key item for me will be whether teams can protect 2 QBs or only one.

If each team can protect 2 QBs, then Ottawa's choices would be each team's third stringer, which means:

Mtl: Brad Banks
Tor: Rocky Butler
Ham: Timmy Chang
Wpg: Zac Taylor
Sask: D. Durant
Edm: Stefan LeFors
Cal: B. Nealy
BC: Some guy whose name I can neither spell nor pronounce.

Not too exciting, is it? Now, if each team could only protect 1 QB, the list looks rather more interesting:

Mtl: Marcus Brady
Tor: Michael Bishop
Ham: Richie Williams
Wpg: Ryan Dinwiddie
Sask: Steven Jyles
Edm: Jason Maas
Cal: Dave Dickenson
BC: Either Jackson or Pierce, whichever one doesn't win the #1 job.

They better NOT take Richie that's all I can say.

No disrespect to Williams, who I have come to appreciate over the last few seasons, but it would still be a roll of the dice building a team around him.

I think out of this list I would choose Bishop because he had the Argos knocking at the door and he would probably be glad to get out of Toronto.

I would also give Pierce, Dickenson and Dinwiddie serious consideration.

honestly i think jason maas is the best choice. he provides veteran leadership and still has a few years left of being a "decent" QB.

I think each team should be allowed to protect say 8 guys right off the top, then you get to protect a few more (2-4) after Ottawa drafts someone from your team. And I think there should be a limit to how many players one team can lose. I think only 1 QB should be allowed to be protected. That's how I'd want it if my team were coming back from extinction.

Ottawa's biggest problem will be finding good Canadian players, so they'll probably get protected first.

Also, I wouldn't worry too much about losing our players since Ottawa probably wouldn't focus its attention on the players from the worst team in the league. BC should be scared though.

i think Ottawa should be given an extra first round pick in their inagural Canadian draft, and priority on free agents. They then should be able to select two players from each team, excluding franchise players (eg Casey, Zeke, Jesse, etc.) With the signing of 1 or 2 good free agents, some good draft picks, and then some quality players, Ottawa should be able to compete. There are some QB's out there capable of starting, Maas and Bishop have both proven they can lead a team to a winning record and Richie Williams has much upside, not to mention the dozens of capable QB's that are chewed up and spit out by the NFL.

I agree but not with the protection of one QB.
A good backup QB is worth as much as a franchise
player. If your starter goes down, your finished.

…either way if 2010 or even 2012 rolls around we are a team in trouble. We’ve taken 5 years to “gel” which hasn’t happened. We’ve now got some potential to grow over the next year or so BUT then the draft will pilage our team that we’ve worked hard to rebuild…I’m very nervous as to what may happen to the Hamilton club…yet again.