What in the name of...

So I decided to go through some of the game recaps this season for Saskatchewan games - I was looking at the recap for the August 1st Saskatchewan at Calgary game where we finished 24-23 and I noticed something really strange. Strange but hilarious.

I was watching the play where Jyles did a fake to Cates and ran for the first down and out of bounds - and on the replay Glen Suitor was doing analysis. He says: "Dwight Anderson had him lined up and he was gonna lower-THE BOOM!-aaaand Jyles able to slip that one."

THE BOOM! is completely random and out of the blue - it sounds so enthusiastic and strangely loud that I find it absolutely bazaar as to why it is said like that - and after THE BOOM! Glen kind of continues as though nothing out of the ordinary just happened.


Here is the link to the game recaps - the game I am talking about is the first one on the second page. THE BOOM! part is around 2:08. Can someone please take a look at it so they can tell me whether I am crazy or not?

Wow your right! That seemed so outta place weeeeeeeiiiirrrrrddddd.........

HAHAHA that is so funny!!! that was so weird!!!