what in the devil is he talking about?

What's needed, league-wide, is a concerted commitment to simply "going for it." You watch a lot of CFL games these days and they're not going for 'it' at all. They're going side-to-side. Which is paint drying on the barn door to watch.

And sure, we get it: that sort of pass is what the defences are giving them, as the "schemers" say. Which may mean that, long-term, the CFL should look at tweaking its rules to loosen things up. Sort of like the NHL did, with great success last season. The NHL's theme was 'flow' -- keep the game moving. The CFL needs to find ways to redirect things north-south instead of the mind-numbingly dull side-to-side shenanigans.

For years, for instance, the NBA was strictly man-to-man defence. Zone defence was against the rules. They got away from that in recent years, but that doesn't mean something similar might not work for the CFL, awash as it is in cover two-, cover three-, cover four-man under and on and on until the passing game is utterly stifled.

Maybe the league should man up -- literally. No zone pass coverage. A team tries to deploy any kind of zone, however cleverly disguised, call it illegal defence and award the offence an automatic first down. Short-term, it seems basic that teams need to get the quarterbacks moving to give the defences more to think about than chasing down the man in the pocket and pancaking him like a tackling dummy.

what is this No Zone Pass Coverage he speaks of?

guys, I'm not going to change anything about the D, but I'd like to know what the heck the guy was talking about!!!

That's the eternal question every one of us ask ourselves whenever we see a thread created by the one they call "KK": "What the explitive is he talking about?" :lol:

Yes really what is this all about?

Are we still asking ourselves what it's all about with anything KK posts? Have we not learned??

Apparently not, since he continues to post inane threads that is bound to be clinically proven to kill more brain cells than a single 2-4 during the upcoming Labour Day weekend (or in the case of our dearest mod, jm, a few pitchers of paralyzers. :wink: ) :lol:

No! Never learn when it comes to Kanga logic.

Anyone who explains zone coverage to him will have to deal with me!!!!!

Okay Ro he is waiting since you volunteered.


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